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José Eduardo Terán

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Hello everyone.

I am a bit sad to tell you that we didn't have the time to finish our game. We have the voices, the text, the game design and a really wonderful music ready. We had problems at the end with the use of technology. Neither Leo or I haven't use Unity or Fungus before. We couldn't find the tutorials and guides needed to fix our minor problems. We spent so many hours in small details that someone with more experience will have overcome in minutes.

Even though, we are also happy because we have a great idea, and we will try to continue working on it in the future.

Thanks for the follow up, and I wish we can work together again next year.

Keep having a great time.

Success with courage.

José Eduardo Terán

Hello everyone.

We are happy to tell you that we finished the dialogs! We didn't think that it was going to take us so much time. Here are the updates.

Producer's journal

Leo went back to work on technology. He is fighting with Fungus, specially because some boxes disappear after showing the dialog. But rest assured, he will solve it.

René was going to have a busy night at work. So we took the past 3 hours working on the music. We have a treat for you!

We heard back from Mike. He is ready waiting for the text! We will work with him in the coming hours.

What's next?

After my time working on the narrative, I will take the rest of the time in the visual design and the logic path of the scenes of the game. Time to work on the game architecture!

Leo will continue working on the dialogs.

We will meet again. Thanks for the follow up.



Hello everyone.

We are alive and kicking! Everything has been doing great. We are still working in the narrative of the game. In one hand, we are sensing that it is taking a lot of our production time to create, but on the other we are happy with the results.

Producer's journal

Leo stepped back from the technology part to work with me in the remaining of the narrative. We are both creating the dialog of the astronaut, using the backstory and psychological profile. Our determination is to finish it before continuing with the rest of the game.

René is working on the music. We are still defining what emotions are going to evoke.

I am not sure that Mike will have time to work on the voice acting. We are thinking right now how to solve it. We think the best will be doing it by ourselves. It won't sound as professional as Mike, but we want our main character to have emotional expressions through the voice.

What's next?

We will not move until we finish with the narrative. We believe we will have it for the next 3 hours.

We will meet again. Thanks for the follow up.



Hello everyone.

We are still in the race, and we are planning to be until the end! This last time have been dedicated to the creation of the script of the game. We are currently finishing the first day of transmission. We have an astronaut that is happy to hear news from Earth, and we are giving him the possibilities of either continue living or knowing more about him, which will help him talk more about his dark past.

Producer's journal

I am using the astronaut's physiologic profile to determinate the way he is handling the situation. It's wonderful to have it at hand at the moment of developing the script. We are taking special care to this first day (we call them Sol) because it will determinate the emotional state of the character for the rest of the days.

Leo is helping me on this, but he is also working on implementing this first dialog to the engine. By the way, he is in great conditions now!

René has a clearer vision of what the game is going to be. He started working on the music.


We are taking time on creating a good dialog. We are happy with the results, but I think we won't have time for Mike to act it. Even though, we are doing all the best we can to finish it in the next hours.

Unfortunately, we don't have an artist that can start working with the visual design of the game. We will do our best to deliver something visually attractive, minimalism and great.

What's next?

Our objective until the next milestone is to finish the dialog of both characters. After this time, implementing it to Fungus and creating the scenes of the game will be much easier.

We will meet again. Thanks for the follow up.


Thanks to you for following us!

We are leaving visuals to the end of the production phase. We are at the moment working heavily on the use of technology and the narrative of the text, this specially so Mike can have the time to work on it. We believe that the game design is the most essential aspect of a successful game, and we have taken the time to work on it. We are happy to tell you that we are now really clear on how the end game will be.

I will give you an update when we finish with the script.

We will meet again. Thanks for the follow up.

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Hello everyone.

Sorry for my late response. I left last night home to a party, was my father's birthday. Between drinks, I was thinking on some ideas we might implement in the last build. So here is the update.

Producer's journal

The psychology profile is updated and done. I am at this moment building all the cases for each of the possible responses of the astronaut. We will stick to the essential design, as this type of development is easy to grow; we don't want to have at our hands with lots of decisions. Also, we have a restriction that Mike can only have 1000 to 1200 words acted in 24 hours.

Leo is continuing learning more about Fungus. It's a new tool for us, but we decided to go with it because we believe it is going to give us the best results. Leo and I finished the official tutorials, now he is taking the time to practice with isolated ideas of our game.

René is waiting for us. We will give him the requirements of the music based on the emotions used during the development of the narrative. It's going to be awesome!

What's next?

We will continue working on the script of the narrative between the person in Earth and the astronaut. Leo will continue working with the engine.

We will meet again. Thanks for the follow up. We will appear in the pictures soon!


P.D. I would really like to extend our journal, but takes me some time. Even though, it's incredible helpful, each time we have a better and clearer idea of the game.

Hey Laval really nice to hear from you! Leo says thanks, he feels much better now. We will be working a bit more before I leave. We will continue early morning.

We will continue keeping you informed.

Have a wonderful day.

Hello everyone.

We have taken the time to write about the main character's psychological profile. It's been a journey trying to understand the motives of the character and how he is willing to live in an forsaken world.

Producer's journal

Leo is working on the technology at the moment. We have an idea of how the narrative is going to develop during the game. I am currently working on the script of the game. I will do my best to have it done for tomorrow morning, so Mike can start making the voice acting.

Unfortunately, Leo got a bit sick, he took some painkillers.

What's next?

We are on schedule to deliver the initial idea. We have been bouncing some extras ideas for the gameplay, but we will try to stick to the main idea.

Unfortunately, I will be leaving in 2 hours. I will be back in the morning and continue with the updates.

We will meet again. Thanks for the follow up.


Hello everyone.

We are happy to tell you that in the past hours we have been working on creating the idea for our game. Let me give you an update of what happened.

Producer's journal

We arrived last night to Leo's house, but we found out that we didn't have internet. We tried for many hours to fix but we couldn't find a way out. We even called for professional assistant and even went for our neighbors to find help, but no use. Finally we had the chance to find a new modem and router, we changed and it worked.

We started working around 3 pm, but I am happy to tell you that our ideas were quickly putted on paper, we had a great synergy and everything has been flowing greatly. At this time, we finished having the main idea, the roles the characters will be playing in the game and the mechanics.

Main idea

We have an astronaut left over in Mars with the possibility to make a communication with Earth. Unfortunately, there is no way for him to survive more than 6 days. Here on Earth, a person is capable to make a close emotional bound with the astronaut. This person will have constant feedback with him, but will have the Control Room above him to tell him that there is no way of survive.

As the person who will interact with the astronaut, will be your job to have that last conversations with him, who will try to listen to him even though Control Room wants you to terminate the conversation. We want to give the opportunity for the player to experiment the possibility of continue giving life to a person or to follow orders and close.

During the game, the player will find that the astronaut has a deep emotional charge from his past. It's the player's job to persuade the astronaut to free that weight and find / make catharsis.


The game will be a decision-making narrative game, where, based on the type of questions the player selects, he will be able to advance with more interesting decisions that will make the astronaut find a way to release his emotions and feelings.


Our team is limited to have only 4 members, so we lack an artist. But we thought that having a good voice actor will add more value to our work if we use him to have the emotional expressions to our character. We will try our best to show a good art.

What's next?

We are about to build the main character's physiologic profile, which will give us a good idea of what role the emotions will play during the game, how is the loneliness affecting his decisions, his thoughts about death and how he will be able to deal with it. With this at hand, we will be able to develop the narrative that will hold with the person on Earth.

We will be working with Unity and Fungus. We believe it's a great tool which will enable us to have more time to work on the emotional significance of the game.

We will meet again. Thanks for the follow up.



Hello everyone.

We are sorry for the delay. We have just finished a problem we had with Internet, but now we are online and ready to work.

We will give you an update for the next milestone.

Thank you.

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Hello everyone.

We are Casual Synapse, a group formed by team members from different parts of the World.

José Eduardo Terán. Venezuela. Entrepreneur and academic working in the gaming industry for the past 10 years. He will be the game producer and designer.

Leonardo Cardinale. Venezuela. Engineer and entrepreneur, Leo will be the lead programmer and will be working with José in the implementation of technology and game mechanics.

René Rivera. Colombia. Award-winning music composer and producer, his portfolio include films and video games.

Mike Paine. USA. Talented voice actor with more than 25 years of experience as radio host, audiobooks narrator and host as news reporter. He will give life to our characters.


As the leader of the team and as a member of this industry, I understand the responsibility to form a group that is willing to work as professional game makers. We will do our best to deliver a high-quality product that stands as a mark of a well produced and executed game project.

Our members are tight-close with the motivation of how emotions play an important role in the development of the story of the game. We understand that there is a lot of work to do in the subject, but we are willing to take the challenge and contribute with our results to produce a significant emotional experience.


Fortunately, Leonardo and I will be working together in the same roof, we had the chance to make it possible (we live in different cities) For the rest of the team, we will be using Slack as our main communication platform. We will have in Slack the integration with Dropbox, making the share of our files easily and safer; this will come in handy for René and Mike.

We will share our updated every 4 hours. I will try to give a good picture of the whole production process, guiding us and you to have a better understand of the development phase.

Special thanks

We would like to thank all the team of Emotional Game Jam for making this possible. We are very happy to be part of this event.

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Hello people,

We have a question about the start of the Jam. Even though our team is participating from different countries, we will stick to the Venezuelan time. How should we take the time for the start of the Jam, Tuesday February 7th, 1 pm for your time or our time?

We ask because in the case of the Global Game Jam, we used to start at 1 PM but for the time of the country you are working on. We are currently at GMT - 4.

P.D. I saw that the counter of the Jam here in itch.io is marking Tuesday 8 am the start, which matches our local time. We will get ready to start at that time.

Thanks once again!

Success with courage.

José Eduardo Terán

These are wonderful news!

I will be leading the team, so I will make sure to have for your our work in progress updated in the forums.

Thanks for the opportunity, we can't wait to start!

Hello everyone.

Looking forward for this great opportunity.

We are about to close the team, but we ended up with members from different countries. Do we still have a chance to participate? We are currently from USA, Venezuela and Colombia. We have worked together before and I am happy to tell you that we have a great professional synergy.

Thanks for your time, looking forward to be part of this celebration.

Success with courage.

José Eduardo Terán

I liked the graphics and the music, it goes great with the mood of the game. Congrats!