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i downloaded this game the other day and it's been fun~ the description intrigued me bc it reminded me a bit of another game, long live the queen, w/ the whole raise stats while trying not to die in royal court. i hope comparing them doesnt sound like a slight against you guys, i meant it more that it's a fun concept so i'm happy to see a different story w/ a similar feel but still it's own thing. the story's very interesting and so far i'm enjoying the cast introduced. i like all the things you gotta keep track of.  i was able to not die and pass the demo, though i made sure to save every week and reloaded a few times ^^;

i skimmed through the latest dev updates, and i'm happy some changes are being made like crafting specifically wont take a whole week. the grimoire also sounds useful. are the approval rates for the 5 factions also going to be in the grimoire, or will that be like a hidden stat thing?

i suppose i have one other question, is there any info on the potential extra love interest? would it be a current side chara or a new chara? would they wear glasses? it's an important character trait lol i understand you guys are still accepting paypal donations so i'm curious