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perhaps a custom run option after you unlock all 4 characters, where you can pick the stuff you start with?

Just discovered mods were a thing, I love making mods!! I make mods for skyrim, starbound, terraria and other games too (mostly pixel art type games). Gonna have to get good with the mods and start adding a ton of stuff :D. First order of business? Taco's. Because you don't have a good game till you have tacos. And pandas. Cute bab pandas that will shoot lasers.

Hey it's "WhenTheyCry_" From Kong, thanks for the great game man! I'll be sure to support you when I get a chance.

Ay!! I loved this so much. After playing this like 50 million times and gitting gud, I managed to save 7304 people on my last run through. Prolly my final one until this gets updated. I hope you keep it up!