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Jessica Padkin

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It seems that it's just me, but I can't get this game to run for some reason. I love the idea, though!

Just to be sure, is it okay to submit a game that was already completed before this jam, or do you expect at least some of the work to have been done during the jam period? I have a text-only game that I'd like to submit, but it's much older than this jam, so I wasn't sure if that was okay! (I was hoping to do an update to the game at least, but real life got in the way unfortunately...)

Nice interpretation of the one button theme, and I love the animation. There's a sweet innocence to the main character, in spite of the whole planetary destruction thing...

Yeah, it's more of a (barely) interactive story. Originally I wanted to make it more exploration-based, but I really wanted to stick to the one-button requirement, and that meant I had to restrict it more. I think it would have been text-heavy in any case, though!

Thanks! I would have disabled the Up key, but to be honest, I have no idea how to do it easily in Bitsy. :P I disabled the left and right controls by adding an invisible wall on both sides...

Thanks for sharing, watching your playthrough has given me some ideas for tweaks to make when I update the game! (For starters, I need to have the ending screen displayed for longer-- oops!) Thanks as well for your feedback, and glad you enjoyed the game. :)

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Thanks, glad you liked it! There are multiple endings, but they're not greatly different from one another-- it depends on when (or if) you decide to enter the code. Maybe I'll add to it if I get the chance, though!