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oh well I guess I won't be playing this until I get a computer then since I only have my iPad

A few ideas for the game:

Add a mode where you don't have to keep the civilians alive

Add a custom mode where you can disable certain zombies or change the rounds they appear on, this mode would have no effect on the leaderboards

Maybe a map of a school and maybe a military camp/base 


Salutations! I heard that this game was on the App Store but it wasn't available in the US Canada or Japan App Stores. If it is on the App Store which country is it on? Just wondering.

well, i dont know actually. its the school computers. On the front it says Flatron L1734S and I think it uses windows 7

game also crashes on my computer, ill try to fix it so i can play

at the lower res settings there are graphical errors like the options dont show, etc

alright thanks!

You need to add stairs to the building because ranged weapons and catapults are the only way in.

i think the old character model was better because it was hilarious when they broke and their legs went crazy

you should add a snowy map with skidoos and other winterish stuff