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Thanks for the article! I think that collections can be undervalued by some people but they're real useful and dang influential - as someone who frequently looks for collections on game assets. I'll be pointing people to this when they ask for pointers for publishing on Itch.

Is this the Dark Souls of bullet hell inspired attack pattern design games?!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you had fun. I was thinking of ways that it could adhere to the theme while adding a little twist of another genre in there. Though it's not really bullet hell-y  as I'd like but the number of bullets had to be drawn in to make it challenging. I have some ideas for a follow up at some point, but for now I'm focusing on expanding my engine before tackling something a little more serious.

Thanks for the feedback!

I feel the same way, there were 4 levels planned originally. With the final level being with Teleporter Tom who will teleport instead of moving, with the cooldown between teleports being determined by how far they had to teleport. I might flesh this out into a more complete game, I was saying on Twitter, that it might make a fun mobile toilet game as well as a fun PC game.

In fact Tom's level is still in the game, though the AI isn't working properly so I had to cut it last minute - since the submission time was 04:00 my time and I needed to sleep.

Great attitude kid


I was thinking of making a game that could have light novel elements but also some other gameplay elements. For example, if a in-game day were divided into 2 sections, a light novel-esque section and then an RPG-esque section following that. Would that kind of experience be okay to submit?

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Hi Pishenden

Unfortunately, NW.js which is used to run the game has dropped XP support. However, if you go into the package.nw folder and open up index.html in a modern browser - Chrome should work perfectly - then you should be able to play.

Sorry about that, let me know if you're having any more troubles.

(I just checked in Firefox and it's playable, the pog betting slider isn't formatted correctly but it's playable, this almost certainly won't work in IE)

You're the ultimate pog fucker!