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could you release it near christmas time and call it: Complete Fever Edition

I got this game part of a bundle and the concept is cool, being a barista and making coffee orders. Though when I finished through the dialogue/story and finished the coffee making part, i was confused as why the game just stopped there. I was expecting more. I guess this was just a demo. 

A new update just released on June 18 which added keyboard support! Woohoo! I want more levels though :(

Thanks for the response! Let me know if you need help spotting the glitches!

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Take Doki Doki Literature Club. Make an antithesis out of it.

Take Stanley Parable. Make a narration derived from it.

Take Undertale. Make a remix soundtrack out of it.

Mix it all together. And you get this game. 

Unfortunate though that this demo is like the Stanley Parable demo. Self-contained. Still good.

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good style. inspired by earthbound and undertale but please add keyboard support! The mouse is not accurate enough to press the attack button! Please!

also add more levels

it has its style! Encountered a few glitches with the audio/animations here and there but good story!

i played it and now im sad :(