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Hey! where'd the upload go? If you are not able to put it back on then i can not play it for YT...


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Haha lol. Phil is a ghost I made a sprite of a while back and I liked how it turned out so, now he’s my logo

Hey its fine! Im hosting another one on the 5th of septmeber! !

Okay! Good luck!


First I would like to thank you for joining my jam!

Second I wanna give some feedback. It was really fun to play, and i found the story intruiging, but I found it a bit easy (Which is normally good) and im fine with that but i think you could have made it a bit harder.  And I found a glitch. When you die you cannot respawn. You have to close out the game then go back in. Which made me notice the game was savable. Also the color pallate was a bit bright. So all in all i really liked it and i hope you continue the project. If you do then send me a DM, cuz I wanna play it.

Thanks for playing my Game! Yeah when i was first working on the game i quickly relized it was similar to the worlds hardest game and i went with it! nice ideas, i think ill work on that in the future maybe!

Fixed the volume! Had trouble fixing the switch tho. Didnt end up changing it. Sorry, may work on that in the future!

Thanks for the feed back! I'll work on that!

Thanks for the feed back! ill work on that!

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Thanks for taking the time to look at my game