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You right

The loop of HSC's track, On Your Knees for Mommy, is so seamless, I swear.

I kinda wish she was my mom lmao

All of you now have the Otherworldly Government tracing your IP addresses

Reported this comment

Weather update:
No matter what anyone says, I want Gabe as my history teacher. 

All of you are now being tracked by the FBI and the CIA
You're welcome

You right 😂

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I admire your determination, but please, take care of yourself.


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Okay, is it just me that wants to see a threesome between Alex, Orion and Loken?

It's just me?

They'd better get married or I'm, gonna uh--
...Scream. . . ?

My youngest brother being a gen z, he does everything in his power to mouth off to any and everything and everyone that he can

So he'll probably just talk a whole bunch of smack to a disembodied voice that knows your flaws.


Lol, nice
My best piece of advice is to just keep at it
And don't give up--

In any case, looks good, mate!
How long did it take you?

I want to make one, but I have no clue how to do it...
I need to hire an artist because I can't draw, but my writing skills are, uh... good enough, I guess.
But Ren'Py pisses me off, I'll tell you that for free


Oh my god heyyyyy

Where's the third element for The Curse of Lust quest?

I am lowkey interested in this game. At the moment, Garret's my favorite character, along with Rufus. Sharif is a bit... for lack of a better word, pretentious. I have a couple of theories on what happened, but I won't be saying anymore because I want to be wrong.


I talk too much. Anyway, this is a good game, and I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Good 😩😩

Yeah, Gus kinda, sorta... bit me.

I absolutely loved it

"Yo, bro, who's got you smiling like that?"

You: inserts picture of Mike
Me: inserts picture of August

What the hell-- 😭😭



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Alright, so:

Managing to beat Mr Walker in the graveyard, the lantern at ten health, him at sixteen, and my whole party at literally one health, Gus and Oz being horrified and me having the Snake Eyes Die with no karma. That's what I call a lucid nightmare.

Guilty as charged, eheheh...

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I had a feeling he was an otter because of something that happened in Arches,

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Is it weird that sometimes I'll open the game, load a save, and then just listen to the music?

The song Fourth Regret really sticks to me. I don't know why.


Damn, so soon? OvO

Okay... so... game...?


.....................Hear me out.
What if...
Bear with me here...

That's what I'm saying...
  Why're they so intricate!?

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Oh my god, this is breaking my heart, Tora, I'm sorryyyy

Wasn't there a Christmas Special to this game?