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The black parts are indeed the eyes. Interesting, yea maybe its great grandfather was a shrimp so it still has some traits of that.

Hahaha thanks! I actually didin't figure it out either... It is something between an anteater and a pig I think. What are your thoughts?

Linux build is live

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I will make a Linux build soon, it will probably work better! For the camera, its goal follows the character and in certain zones, the goal is the average of the player transform and another fixed point in space, which gives a special framing. And it just always lerp to its goal, that's how the transitions are achieved.

Thanks! I agree, when the camera angle changes too much, the controls feels weird. For the coins, you should be able to take them by pressing enter (just like the muffins). Does that work?

Thanks a lot, that's encouraging : D

quirky and funny, cool

I just released a beta version of my game Hot Air Turtles, a local 1v1 competitive game in which you control a flying turtle. Fast-paced tournaments, perfect to play with friends or family! 

Here is the download

Hope you can have as much fun as my friends and I have playing this!

I've been working on this game since march, though I had made prototypes of it way before that (I even tried a mobile online version that almost worked RIP). I finally made it local and kept it simple, because I think the fun part of these kind of games is to invite a few friends at your place and casually compete or create great rivalry. I'd be glad to hear feedback from you as I'll be working to push the game further and maybe publish it on the switch. Feel free to leave your comments!

Very well done, got hooked. Looking forward to the sequel!