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If you spend any amount of time reading this book you'll feel like you need to go out into the world and be nice to people and never hurt anyone

I thought this game was beautiful! Deeply enjoyed using it paired with a few others. I went to follow you on Twitter to message you about getting the updated file and I鈥檓 blocked… </3 

I鈥檓 really sorry 馃槥 

There's so much to be said about this game but truly you need to experience it for yourself. I ran a few sessions using this comfy campaign and everyone loved their characters. Content like this is why Troika has become one of my favorite games to play with my friends.

This game is so cool it needs a sequel! I've ran this countless times and it takes little prep to run. Just pull up your favorite or any current florida man article and let the fun begin. It always gives people the biggest smiles when playing it.

My favorite Melsonian release to date! I've ran it twice and it's always been such a blast for everyone. The new backgrounds are so unique. I really enjoyed the plot because to me it felt like the 1980 horror film Terror Train in a way. <3

Really enjoyed listening to the audio version of this game and pausing it to play along. Felt it gave me a much better experience than if I were to just read and play on my own. I will be playing this game again soon and showing it to my partner.

I haven't had a chance to play the game just yet but I started to build my world using the questions provided along with the oracle. Hopefully soon I will begin play. This zine is highly inspirational. Heck the oracle alone would be a great addition for anyone running games.

Content like this is why Troika is the people's RPG!

I love that Filth Smeared Gnome includes mp3 audiobook editions for each background. She read one of her entire books about an alien for a solo game you should find on her store. 

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my favorite part was the bit about astral projection. I plan to run a one shot for my friends very soon with astral projection being a main part of the adventure! This is easily one of my favorite releases for troika ever!

on jungle befouls under encounter 6 I think you have a typo. It lists tiger lich again instead of what I鈥檓 guessing should be anger. Just sayan

This class is awesome! A player used it for an LotFP campaign I ran for 8 months and the jester is one of the few players that made it to the end with their original character. 

Some tricks that stand out from memory were the delivery boy, the band, and breaking the 4th wall, my player loved his character. 

How did the game go?!