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DOUBLE UPDATE! A police siren isn't the most elaborate effect, but it definitely adds some pop to the scene. 


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When you know you want easter eggs but only have placeholder art. 

This seems like a good place to park my car.

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Thanks for your feedback, Hoshi! A few of use have picked up Aeon for "research" purposes :) 

Absolutely! Just a heads up, we'll should be pushing out a new build (hopefully) tonight. Keep an eye out for it :D

non-VR test player in action!

What could possibly be going through this NPC's head? Probably your fist, soon. 

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that distance fog tho

obligatory showoff thread! here's an inaugural image.

If anyone runs into any issues, and you think it's level design related, send some feedback here!

Hey there, my dudes. Have a rad suggestion? Yell at me here. 

Thanks for the video! We had more of an ending in mind, but ran out of time at the Jam. Glad you enjoyed it, though!

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing :D