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Jenny Hitbox

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Thanks so much for sharing these! I am working on a visual novel for the Game Boy, and I would love to be able to add italics and bold text.

I wonder if it would be possible to have both the default uppercase and lowercase fonts, plus italics/bold by replacing the special characters?

Hi BenJelter,

Thanks for the suggestion! It's a great idea that can work for my scenes when there are only two characters talking.

Ideally, there would be an option to remove the transition all together

Thanks for all your hard work on GB Studio! You are making my dream of designing a video game come true.

Would it be possible to instantly switch scenes without transition? I am making a visual novel and all the quick fading in and out is becoming seizure  inducing :o

THANK YOU! I love this tool. I am making my first video game ever because of it.

I made a donation for version 1.2.0.