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Hey guys. News. News I don't want to be posting but news.

Early yesterday I started getting concerning heart palpitations and numerous dizzy spells. I'm okay, but I've had to take an easy since then and I'm really sad to say I will not be finishing She Was My Muse by the end of this jam. I really struggled with admitting this because I REALLY didn't want to fail my first jam, but the lack of sleep and the lack of care I've been giving myself to work on the game in such a long period of time is directly affecting my health and I'd be a fool if I didn't put that first.

I don't consider this jam to be a total failure. I learned a whole bunch from what I HAVE made in this short amount of time. I feel a lot more confident working with GM2 and feel like I can make even more things in the future as well! I obviously over-estimated myself and created way too big of a project for a first ever game and a first ever jam.

So what does this mean for SWMM? Well, I am definitely not giving it up! I've worked so hard on it after all! But I need to spend a bit longer than I initially planned. More time for sleep and mental self-care and all.

If anyone's interested in seeing the continued progress despite me not being able to finish for the jam my Twitter is jennas_hue and I'll keep posting until the game is complete! For now though I'm going to rest and make sure I'm okay before continuing any further. I'm sorry for the disappointing ending of this DevLog. ><

Update time!!

IT'S DONE. THE PREP PAGE IS FINALLY DONE!!!! I purposely kept away from clicking certain things last time around because there was a plethora of bugs to be had. I fixed all of them however! There's now a difference between things you can afford versus things you're preparing as well as information now when you hover over each button. I also decided to make the buttons and certain text not bounce like in the previous version as it felt like just a little too much movement going on all at once.


--Sofie's version is done too! Which one you get will change each day just to add a little extra visual variation.

I'm so relieved. This took a lot of time from the jam, and while I knew this was going to be the most complex room in the game, just the fact that it still wasn't done and there was so many issues made me pretty stressed I'm not going to lie. I can now start working on the visual novel half of the game and just try and cram as much content into the game as possible. My next goal is to draw out some graphics for the VN and get the intro scene completed. Wish me luck!!

Hello!! 0u0 It is time for update!

(Nothing like recording yourself and noticing how much you flail your mouse for absolutely no reason? What)

Prep is aaaalmost finished. There's just a couple more things I want to add. I plan on information about each thing you can prep to appear when you hover over the buttons.  It's definitely confusing looking right now without it haha-- I also want to make a version of the buttons where you can tell apart whether or not you've clicked said button or if it's just something you can't afford at the moment because I could see that being reaaaally confusing if you forget what things you clicked or not. I think the screen looks good though aside from that! I also also have a couple of animations I need to add in-- such as a blinking animation I have in wait that I want Maggie here to do sometimes.

A little frustrated with how long the prep screen is taking not going to lie. I just keep running into little problems or things I overlooked originally. I hope I can get everything done that I want! I haven't even started on the VN graphics yet! ><

On a more positive note: this was my first time spriting food and I'm kind of in love? I've focused on character art for so long now, since I was a teen, and finding something I enjoy this much aside from characters is really something! It makes me want to make more games where I can draw even more food in the future. Here's some clean PNG versions of the buttons:


Aaaaaah thanks! 0u0 I've got a lot to go though!

Thank you! I'll keep doing my best!!

Yay thank you!! :^DD 

Welcome aboard! That sounds like a cute idea and I hope it turns out well for ya!

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Hey!! I normally wait until I'm finished with something notable before posting, but its been a couple days since my last post so I figured I'd post what I'm working on and show I'm not slacking after the initial excitement rush that pretty much always happens with a new project.

Here's a WIP of how the prep will look. There will be a version with Sofie prepping for the day as well. You'll be able to click on which baked goods you want to prepare for the day inside the thought bubble. There will be some animation on the characters as well as a simple, moving background. I've got one frame of both characters finished so here are those as well!

Very cute. Moving on though! Aside from mock ups and some art finished I've also pretty much finalized everything for the management half of the game. Things you can prep, how much they'll cost, how much prep time they'll each take, as well as an idea of how many points a player can reasonably get without expecting a crazy amount of work on their part. (I want the game to require at least a LITTLE thought, but no need to min-max or anything like that. This is not meant to be a stressful game)

I've decided to simplify things a bit as well. Instead of making multiples of the same things, every thing you decide to prep you'll only be able to click and produce once a day. This'll make players have to vary what they decide to make each day which I like and there's a lot less buttons I'll have to implement making the prep screen just a lot cleaner and less cluttered. 

I've also decided against adding a weather system after all. I feel like it's just too complex of a system for such a small, condensed game as well as the fact that random chance things like that could easily frustrate a player, making them feel like it's the games fault for getting the unsuccessful ending rather than poor choice making on their own part. I'd like to use a system like that on another game in the future but I think this is the best choice for this game specifically.

I'm going to finish up the prep screen and have a workable version by next update. I'm a little behind on the schedule I had in my head but at the same time I don't feel like I'm TOO behind just yet. I'm going to try and catch up before the project becomes too big for the time period. Wish me luck, ya'll!

Thank you!! I'm glad it turned out so well~ I actually had a lot of trouble with it initially. Every time the car spawned in, my game would immediately crash and tell me "A FATAL ERROR HAS OCCURRED." I really really wanted it in there though so I just kept messing with it and trying to figure out the problem until it finally paid off

Thank you! One day at a time! >:^3

Oh my god thankyouverymuch--// I'm so glad that people are interested game making is something I've dreamed of doing for awhile now, so knowing people want what I'm making means a whole lot :'^)

Oh man I am SUPER into the setting of this game. Can't wait to see the end result man

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A startup screen has been produced! Turning it into a GIF seems to have messed with the colors a bit though so here's a PNG of the actual colors too:

I learned quite a few things today while making this screen! I had never messed with Game Maker's alarm event type for objects before which is what is creating the timing of the car that passes by every once in awhile. I'm pointing this out specifically cause I see a LOT of potential with alarms now that I know how they work. I'll be using them a lot from now on! :^)

Aside from this screen, I've worked a bit on the management half of the game too though I'm not done so I'll wait on showing anything just yet. I've also managed to write just a bit of the story too! I've ironically come up with the ending for failing before the actual success ending LOL

I'm going to keep working on the management half of the game so I have enough to show next time. Hopefully tomorrow or if not as soon as a can. Stay tuned...! :^D

I hope I don't disappoint!

And yeah I can't really think of a game with the combo either. I think they'll work really well together though. Having story gives people more incentive to do well in the management half of the game while the management half gives the player a break from just reading nonstop and potentially getting antsy and skimming through text-- or at least that's the INTENDED result of the mix. We'll have to see though, huh?

Thank you!!!! I hope I can do my ideas justice :'^)

Thank you so much!! I just hope I can get everything done in time-- |^D

Placeholder image looks like Bart Simpson to me?! 😂
Where's my Simpson VN guys come on now

Hello again! Time for our first official update! I warn you though.... It's very small haha--

So this is the game so far. It definitely isn't much, but man did this small little thing kick my butt for hours on end. 

So what is this exactly? Well I've been working on the point system this whole time. You have points which will be the score system on when you get story as well as what ending you get in the game. It is your main goal in the management half of the game to get as high of points as possible in order to get the best ending.

Money is exactly what it sounds like. You need money for ingredients to make baked goods as well as other things such as decorating the bakery and advertisements. You have to make sure your money doesn't get too low or else you wont be able to bake goods that raise your points.

Prep time is your limit on how much you can do each day. Everything costs prep time and you will have to end the day in order to refresh them.

Also there is another number that I've implemented that isn't shown on the gif above and that's your days. Every time a day begins you are one day closer to the end of the game. The game will end once you finish day 30 and will tally up your final points and determine the ending you get.

I've also have the start of a weather system. The weather will be different each day and will affect sales: affecting how many points as well as money you get for all baked goods.

My next goal is to set up more choices aside from.... bread (LOL) as well as getting started on some of the graphics for the management half of the game. I'd also like to whip up a startup screen. Wish me luck!! 

Thank you very much!! I'll do my best!! >:^)

Aaaaaa thank you!! I'm excited to try this style of game out. I feel like the mix of genres could really work-- 

--I just need to figure out how to code it................ B''''^D 
There's not a lot of tutorials that cater to what I'm wanting to achieve so it's a lot of trial and error in these first couple of days--

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Hello!! Welcome to my devlog, ya'll!

She Was My Muse is a half management-half visual novel game. It's being made on Game Maker Studio 2. The game will have a set time limit and a point system that raises depending on what you decide to do on the management half of the game. As you gain points, you'll be rewarded with story line and will have at least two endings, one good and one bad, that will be determined based on your final score. The art style will be pixel-based  and have a limited color palette throughout. 

Sofie (left) and Magdalene (right)

Story Summary: Your name is Magdalene Fisher. You'd say you're pretty average in looks, lesser so in smarts, and even lesser still in anything to do remotely with social settings. You're a bit of a mess and upon recently graduating from high school you don't exactly have a lot going for you. You love to bake more than anything however, and with that, you at least have a goal in life. There's a lot at stake starting your own bakery, and if things don't go well there's a good chance you might never get this chance again. You're not alone though. Your friend Sofie Lanchester is here too, and while you have no idea why someone as smart and full-of-potential as her is by your side, you feel like maybe this could work out-- and just maybe you won't become the failure your family seems to think you are.

Main goals:

  • Produce a day-passing system where the player has a set amount of energy/time each day to choose what they want to do and will slowly be able to invest on different things for the bakery. Days should be quick to get through-- making it easy to retry if the player messes up and gets the bad end.)
  • Write a short story for the visual novel half of the game. The game needs to be able to check for points every time a day passes. There needs to be a good or bad ending depending on how well you did once an in-game month passes.

Stretch goals:

  • More than two endings? Very tentative on this one.
  • A add a customer system where the amount of customers go up depending on certain things (Day of the week? The day's weather?)
  • Cut scene artwork. I'd like at least a couple but if I can add a fair amount that'd be nice.
  • Animation?? Also tentative. Maybe some motion on the visual novel sprites + small animations of the bakery?
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Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Howdy!! I'm Jenna and I'm pretty  new to game development. I have a project I'm working on right now but nothing actually complete to my name. I've been drawing since around 2006 or so and I'm fairly confident in my game art skills, so my game's coding will definitely
be my biggest challenge with this jam.

Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

This is my first jam!! I decided a jam could be a good kick in the butt I need to have at least SOME kind of game complete and actually playable by others-- no more, "I make games, oh uh, no I don't have anything FINISHED but--...."

What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

Oh man I have a lot of games I love a lot but I'll just stick with a couple that particularly inspire me:

  • Rune Factory - One of my favorite series of all time. Particularly the 3rd and 4th one. I love the ability to choose on the fly what you want to do-- fighting one day and fishing casually the next. The social system absolutely spoiled me to the point I can't look at games like Harvest Moon without asking why it's not as good at RF. The little secret areas, the crafting system-- It's just a great series and I hope I can make a game with that same feeling someday--
  • Disgaea - This was a series I started playing when I was a kid and it affected my art style a ton.  Its massive amount of callbacks to older games and characters is also something I love and I'd like to have something similar as well.
  • Breath of Fire 4 - I have very clear memories of playing this game as a kid and just thinking that the art was beautiful. I come back and even though kid-me didn't have any understanding of art at the time and didn't know WHY I found it great, kid-me definitely had an eye because that game's pixel art holds up so amazingly well even now. That game truly gave me an appreciation for sprite art and I try to let that inspire me now.
Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I'm currently playing around with Game Maker Studio 2! Funnily enough, I chose the engine for its drag and drop feature but I quickly switched over to using GML???? LOL

I've been playing around with it for a few weeks now so I understand a little but not anything too complex.

Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I really love well-written characters and world building! I want my games to give players a yearning to learn about its characters and to explore it's world by their own choice.

What are your goals for this game jam?
  1. To have a completed game under my belt! Even if it's small I'd like to say I've completed SOMETHING and can make more from there.
  2. I'd like to practice a couple things that I plan to have on bigger games in the future-- that way I don't blindly wing it (as much) on a bigger project that's more important to me!