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nervous but ready here! Hope everything works out for everyone! 

hey dude! It says you have direct messages blocked so I don’t know if the invite went through...

I’ll be adding you in a bit! Thanks! 

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sure man! 

Join the server and ill give you a developer role! and we can chat more on how we will organize each other!


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Chill sorry for the late reply im currently organizing my team and also have finals but i would be interested in working with ya!

Discord Server to better communicate! -

I know many people have asked this and I’m going to ask again cuz I’ve tried doing the run MANY times already.... how do you get the moss? I think I might have skipped the event somehow and I don’t know if it repeats if I skipped it... and if it does repeat, what’s the title of the event? 

hi there! me and my team are very new to game programing but would love to have you tag along! We will be using unity so if it causes a problem don’t worry about it but we would love guidance and maybe some help of sorts! 

we are currently a very small and new team (new as in new to the game development experience) so ir ur willing to help out and guide us a bit that would be helpful too!