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A member registered Apr 18, 2016

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This was amazing! Fun, fast, responsive, tight controls and tight fluid gameplay. I'd love to see more from this game

Man, I love the character design, the combat (which most people get pretty wrong), and the writing! It's a real cool concept which would probably be woefully underwhelming in the wrong hands, but I'm so psyched for more! The red voice, while a little hammy at times, was really engaging and helped drive the tension

Created a new topic This game is amazing

Seriously, holy shit this is good. Well written right from the start, inspired graphics, actually challenging but fun gameplay. It gets across that OFF/LISA/Undertale kind of character without even trying. I love the dynamic between the two leads and I'm only about 45 minutes in. Really blew me away

Such a good game! Quick, gentle, and such a pleasant atmosphere. It's not often you find a game that gets "calm" right. I love the music by the way, do you know where I who did it? I'd love to hear even more

I thought the idea of the guy who knew he was in a horror game would've been cheesy and dull, but as it kept going...wow. This is a smart, clever game. Awesome job! Can't wait till the next one