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Wow this is some incredible feedback, I was actually just on a shortish Unity hiatus because I had lost direction with this project but I think that's over now. So after what you said I'm thinking :

- Redesign map to match Russian/Soviet city layouts (circular with a city center)

- Remove bus stops and add regions/areas/landmarks that people request to be dropped off at instead, and make the NPCs hail you from the side of the road

- Add a paper map to reflect where those areas are/where you are using a pin or a marked X

- Add a highlighted route on the map which you will be following for that day, and make NPC's only spawn on that route. (You'll have an amount of time to get to the start of the route and then you'll be expected by the boss at the end of the route at a certain time)

- Simplify document checking and add change counting while on the go

- Make the vehicle harder to control (vary in intensity with added weight/damage)

- Add day mode w/ bad weather, have it transition from day to night through your shift

- Add other marshrutka drivers on the road that behave especially erratically.

- Redesign marshrutka to have sliding door that can jam, (make it so you can disembark the bus and walk around slowly, also start the day on foot and make you enter your vehicle in the morning)

- Have the people in the back frequently talk to you and ask questions that you have to answer with multiple choice while driving. Also make them ask to be dropped off and if you're too far away they won't get out.

- Increase difficulty of steering/braking as your vehicles sustains more damage, this will replace the system where you instantly die. At the end of each day you can choose if you want to pay money to repair your vehicle as well as other options you must weigh.

Those are just some of the notes I made so that I don't forget everything you said. Honestly these changes wouldn't be too hard to implement and I'm glad to have some direction again. Much appreciated!  

And expect me to reply to you in the future some time as I will likely have questions about specific things.

Ah interesting, I wasn't aware there was an issue with that but in the Unity editor the cursor lockstate almost never reflects how it actually works lol. I also recently added the developer console which entirely messes with the cursor lockstate so I bet that could be the culprit. 

Anyways, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a bunch for trying it out! your gameplay is rather useful as it helps me figure out how new people play my game (in fact I just realized that only one song plays on the radio lol). As for your input I think you make a lot of great points, landmarks have been an idea I've been thinking about recently, and a map of some sort would help (a crude paper one of course). Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for trying it out!

Yeah my goal was to make it "atmospheric" but it's definitely a bit creepy haha.

I just released the first version of new game I'm working on and I'm somewhat proud that I've actually got a theme with the graphics (and the gameplay is enjoyable too).  it's linked here :

You play as a taxi/bus driver and have to drive around like a maniac in order to make a profit for the day. There's a large map, dangerously incompetent AI drivers, random callers, hidden cheat codes that can be activated with the phone, AI passengers with incredibly fake documents, and more!

It's still super early in development of course but I was hoping I could get some feedback. Thanks for reading this over!

Marshrutka community · Created a new topic Bugs

If you've encountered any bugs whilst playing Marshrutka (which you probably have) I'd like to hear about it.

Marshrutka community · Created a new topic Feedback

Reply with any thoughts or ideas you have on how to make the game more enjoyable and I'll look them over.

I like that the graphics are simple but still 100% do what they need to. The audio is also nice, I enjoyed the background music that played. I think my only problem is that I wish the enemies changed color or got thrown back a little to indicate that they've been damaged. (Also that 3d intro thing you've got is cool, I'm going to have to make something like that)

I absolutely disregarded my shopping list and just threw any and all things in my cart so that nobody else could have them. I think you've got a really simple but fun game here, audio would've been a nice touch but if you want to go back and finish this project off it shouldn't take too long to add. Overall it's a fun little simple game, congrats on the submission!

Everything seemed very polished and I like that you even managed to come up with something original in just a week, the whole pixel shader thing plus the particle effects are really neat because I'm not sure how I'd approach making those. Overall I'm a fan of what you've got here, congrats on the submission!

This reminded me of like the classic top down shooter flash games I used to play so that's a plus, I also like that you took the time to add a tutorial. I think my only real problem with this game is that there are too many enemies, with some time you could definitely balance things out. Overall congrats on the submission!

I like the idea you've got here and all of the assets (sound, graphics, etc.) look really nice but I think it's missing just like one or two things. If you could add background music that'd be great and maybe play around with the character controller a little so that it feels smoother. Overall it was fun and I'm glad it runs in browser too.

I like that you've set up a whole premise for why you're blasting aliens left and right and I think the map left no questions as to where you were but I wish I could just turn down the motion blur lol. Overall congrats on the submission!

Usually corners get cut left and right in game jams but you managed to have a really solid game at the end of it, the audio was nice, the screen transitions were slick, and I actually forgot I was playing it in browser (I did have fps slowdown with the green wand though lol). I'm not a big fan of top down shooter/bullet hells but I enjoyed this a lot!

Lmao, thanks for the review. Hopefully in the update after the jam it'll be a bit easier to complete a lap.

It's a simple little thing but I think you did it well, and I like that you did the assets yourself.  Like everyone else I would like to see this turn into more!

I laughed quite a bit at this, reminds me of the impossible quiz. I'd love if there was a few more minigames sprinkled in. 10/10 was funny.

I also had some ads spawn outside of my screen but I was still able to continue by clicking on the edge bits. This is just browsing the internet without adblock lol. Glad I could run it in browser, that's always convenient. Overall it was a fun short game.

Scored 208, had to one up kymakesgames in the comments haha. Overall I enjoyed it, I liked the level of polish in your game, the UI seemed really nice and the animations were smooth on everything. 

Thanks a bunch! I've never focused on UI much but I had to make it compatible with 1-4 player splitscreen so I took my time on that.

Thanks for trying my game out! three of the things I want to do when the jam is over is work on Audio, Controls, and Content. But for now enjoy the scuffed vehicle controller haha.

Thanks for playing my game! Yeah I'll have to fix the controls, wheel colliders are a finicky thing.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yep after what I've heard I've really got fix up that vehicle controller lol

Yeah once the game jam ends I've planned to fix the vehicle controller and add a bunch of content. Thanks for playing my game!

I think I'm just a sucker for the classic formula of do the thing, die, upgrade, repeat because I played this game for far too long haha. The graphics all look cohesive and good, something about boppin the guards around is pretty fun so overall I enjoyed this. 

Congrats on the submission to the jam! I like how the character controller felt as the camera lagged behind a little so it made a nice smoothing effect, the enemies were sparse at first and then the .exe straight up crashed but I can see that wasn't intentional lol. I would've liked to try it out in working condition. Anyways, good luck with your project!

I'm surprised how polished this game is with its nice background audio and refined UI animations. I guess going for a simple idea gives you more time to do that but overall I think this is a solid little game. Good luck with the jam, I think you'll get some good ratings.

Congrats on the submission to the jam! I played your game for a bit and it was pretty entertaining running around trying to stay alive but I wish the timer stopped when you die so you could see exactly what your time was. Also I like the main menu, usually people overlook at part of their game. 

I received an error "Unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)" on launch. I was looking forward to trying that out :/

Congrats on making your submission, I'm a fan of RTS games myself so it was fun to spam out a bunch of units and see what they do. I wish there was like an enemy AI controller in solo but I know some of the difficulties of implementing that. Overall I had fun trying out your game.