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What a interesting concept! Reminds me of the show "The Platform"

I really liked this! My only complaint is that I wish it was longer!

I REALLY LIKED THIS DEMO. Everybody should go pitch in to the Kickstarter while it's still up. I love how non sensical everything is, its perfect for my little malformed brain.

The perfect male form

I love it. I can't make heads or tails of any of it and that's why i love it. Amazing game!

i love clowns. and i loved this.

im stuck too.. and i dont want to skip the level.


One of the most relaxing games iv ever played. the sound design is AMAZING.

holy crap this is literally usefull

very good. very sweet rats

Very nice! This really is a feature that should be in RPG Maker by default so I'm glad this plugin is simple.

Literally the only 3d game made in unity that looks amazing and runs on my computer so i don't care if there's bugs 10/10!

Thanks I will check it out right away!

I'm pretty sure we can use any game engine we want, I'm using game maker : studio so.

Thanks for the info! I honestly would not mind taking a look at the code. Get back to me if you want, but for now I will be scouring Game maker forums for a solution lol

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How did you do the looping worlds? Since im using gamemaker studio.

Dream Diary Jam 5 community · Created a new topic Engine?

Just wondering what Game engine will you guys be using?