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I LOVED THE ENDING. Honestly the game was awesome. I hope you enjoyed my gameplay. it's the  first game. 

I actually loved this game. I am super excited to see what happens next

Your game is second if you wanna watch it. I loved it.

I thouroughly enjoyed this game. it wasn't the greatest, but still well made and creepy.

the third game is yours ENJOY!

Honestly this game is 100% terrifying. The atmosphere was amazing and when the scares come, they deliver. I am extremely excited to see what happens next with this game. I love this game and super excited for the next part.  If you wanna see my gameplay that would be dope too, and I said a few things that you could improve, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy <3

I absolutely love this game. I will always enjoy the games coming from you and will always find them terrifying. 

It was alright. I said what can be improved on my gameplay. I still found it scary at times.

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I got way too scared of this game, but I still loved it a loy <3

You have to kill all the creatures but do not collect the hearts.

I absolutely loved this game. Just how edge of your seat this game was was awesome. The PS1 aspect was great. I will always look forward to more games by the devs. 

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I sucked at the game but it was terrifying none the less!

As a small channel, but a good eye this game has a crap ton of potential and I am 100% excited to see what happens next in this game.

Here is my gameplay. I found all the endings on my first playthrough(yay me) And i enjoyed the freak out of it. Next time make the endings harder, and I will be looking forward to your next games.

Hey, first off nice game, but I was not entirely satisfied. Of course my computer can run it, but with a lot of lag. One thing that is totally needed is a graphics option to turn it down. I really feel like the game will  do well. I know it well, but of course the game needs some work. Otherwise I am totally looking forward the future of this game.

I absolutely fell in love with this game, the art the music everything about it is amazing. I'm gonna be looking forward to your future games. Keep up the absolutely phenomenal work

so far, I have fallen in love with this game. Its been so much fun so far and am looking forward to what this game will become.  

Heres my gameplay if you wanna check it out


 Couldn't beat it tho. 

Here's my gameplay... ENJOY!