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Today we're happy to announce that STRAIN is available for everyone to play for free for an unlimited time!

Happy Trials!

Today we're happy to announce that STRAIN is available for everyone to play for free for an unlimited time!

Calling all fans of roguelikes and first-person shooters, check out the trailer here!

Happy Trials!

HELLO EVERYONE, please see below for some of the client's latest changes!

Happy Trials !


Horse Tranquilizer Pill jump height reduction has been changed from 100% to 25%.

IED bounciness and throw force have been slightly tweaked.

Jockey's Charge ability collision area has been reduced to better match its visual representation.

Numerous item pools for rooms and props have received a balance pass as well as latest item additions.

Golem now inflicts True damage instead of Grey damage.

Default Shooter now tracks the Player's location during Bone Sputter just like the Elite version.

Vector no longer gains attack bonus on Enrage.

Player is now invulnerable for 1 sec after taking damage from any source.

Player inaction time following run exit has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.25 second.

Player height reduction from crouching increased.

Player max acceleration has been slightly reduced.


Several weapons and explosions have received updated particles effects.

Challenge room art has been updated.

Several new Strain icons have been added.

The large icon for the selected item in the Archive menu has been removed.



Fixed an issue where the Massager Consumable had the wrong mesh.

Fixed some collision issues in the Treasure room.

Fixed a bug that would wrongfully display the locked icon on the Treasure room's door.

Fixed a bug that would cause Falling Walls to push pickups outside of the playspace.

Fixed a visual bug on the Load Seed button in the Main Menu.


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HELLO EVERYONE, please see below for some of this week's client update changes!

Happy Trials !


Ghost Round strain has been removed temporarily due to a known bug.

Blood room now has breakable walls.


Removed shadows cast by the player character mesh.

Harold textures and material have been updated.

Falling Wall visual and animation has been updated.

HUD currency counter font has been updated to improve readability.

HUD itemcard has been updated to improve readability.

Empty and Fire Canisters have been visually updated.

Golem animations have been updated.

Vector's climb animation has been updated.

Several Canister effect particles have been updated.

The double monster room has received a slight light pass.



Several pick-ups were missing a world mesh or had the incorrect one.

Fixed an issue where soft Crates wouldn't be destroyed by Explosive canisters.

Fixed an issue where the Jockey would not cast Charge.

Fixed some navigation issues in the Bio-bank room.

Fixed an issue that would let IEDs go through double-sided windows from one side.

Fixed an issue that would make it possible to throw IEDs through walls.

Fixed a bug that would make hard Chests to spawn nothing.

Fixed a bug that would make a stack of Canisters have proper physics when destroyed.

Fixed an issue where the Blood room had an incorrect map icon when discovered.

Fixed a bug that would allow the Overgrowth strain to be collected multiple times.

Fixed an issue where loading screens appeared cropped.

Fixed a bug where Raijin the Hamster did not have the correct icon.

Fixed a bug where the Jockey chairback armored points were not working as intended.

Fixed an issue that would reset player health upon entering a new Floor.



A feedback button has been added to the main menu.

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HELLO EVERYONE, today highlights our first prototype update!

Please see below for some of this update's major changes.

Happy Trials !


Melee attack range has been reduced by 30%.

Golem health reduced from 6000 to 3500.

Golem's Pull ability has been nullified for the time being.

Several knockback animations have been added to AI.

Work on Jack-in-the-box AI is underway.

Two single new monster rooms have been added as well as a single new double monster room.

Added the possibility of 4 door connectors to several rooms.

Primal:Spitter has seen several balance changes: spread increment and recess rate increased.

Primal:Egger has seen several balance changes.

Primal:Beamer has been removed from item pools until fixed.

Sponsorship Cap proc rate from 40% to 10%.

Chernobro energy cost decreased from 6 to 4.

HUD floor indicator has been re-activated.



General lighting passes.

Soft and hard crates have received new art.

Improved several and added new Harold animations.

HUD reticle opacity slightly reduced.

Jockey animations have been updated.

Treasure room had some art issues in its corners.

Removed scaling on canister hazards.

Texture work on pathogen growth has started.

Several props have received updated particles.

Player right hand art has been updated.

Harold textures have been fixed.

Primal Strain particles have been updated.

Golem has received an awakening animation.



General AI optimization pass and fixes.

System messages are now also hidden when HUD is hidden.

Fixed an issue that would blur out several item pickup icons.

Fixed a navmesh issue in the Curse room.

Fixed several collision issues throughout rooms.

Fixed a collision issue that would make Shop items pop out of their stand.

Fixed the Deal portal not dropping correctly in the Golem room.

Fixed a bug that would allow the Golem's capsule to register player shots.

Fixed a bug that would display the Locked icon on the other side of door connectors after being unlocked.

Fixed an issue that would make Harold's AFK VO loop.

Fixed an issue where the Challenge room spawn points were visible.

Multiple system event messages have been disabled.



We've updated the project from Unreal Engine 4.12 to 4.15.0. This release will provide better general art and code support for the future.

STRAIN community · Created a new topic Welcome to STRAIN!

Welcome to the STRAIN Community threads!

This forum is here to provide you with a simple channel to communicate with STRAIN developers, fellow STRAIN players, and give feedback on the game! We ask that you follow Community Rules ( before posting.

Have fun posting and we hope you enjoy the game!

Hello OuttaSite, thank you for playing Strain and for the video !

We loved watching you play and would like to remind our audience that any feedback is very useful to us improving the game!

Thanks again,


Welcome to the NovaGen Headquarters!

You are Patient Zero, host to the world's deadliest parasite: the Symbioid.


You don't pick up guns, you MUTATE into them! Feed yourself with Strain power-ups and watch yourself become more powerful!


Experience rogue-lite action with procedurally generated levels, combat and puzzles.


Each run is different and so is your loadout! Loot, Mutate, and Adapt to each Floor by mix-n-matching devastating powers and turning Patient Zero into the sickest patient ever!


Delve deep into the infested Adamas laboratory complex, uncovering hundreds of items and NovaGen secrets.


Face off against the army of infected NovaGen employees and ultimate abominations: the Amalgams!