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Okay, so it is okay, I mean, It's not the best. but it's not "broken"

Basically, lemme help you guys if you don't know how to play:

You click the frut at the top, and try to make it match with fruit at the bottom.

Now, there's not much to say about this game except:

  • I played it once for 2 mintues, and I feel like I already did everything with the game
  • It's really short

I would not recommend this game unless you are wanting to spare a minute or two.

So affordable, great price.

No build attatched :(

It doesn't load?

It is okay for something that was made in one night. I just wish there was more to it, such as a undo tool, or maybe more brushes. 

So for one night, it's good. But that doesn't mean it's the best of all time.

I personally think it's a DayZ and Unturned replica.

The concept of it is intruiging, and It had me playing for two days with a hour or two of gameplay each day, During these two days, I have also seen a few things that a few newcomers of the game might want to know, beforehand.

1. It installs outside of itch you do download on itch, and you can run on itch, and you when you uninstall, it uninstalls via itch, but it is registered as a proper application, Unlike other games, when you download this game, the icon does appear on your desktop. You also do have to register for a account

2. The servers The servers in this game are  one of two things: You either get a REALLY good ping, or you get a REALLY bad ping. There is no in between.

3. Zombies Now I must admit, me being a Game Developer, I understand that this kind of stuff is a challenge to program. However, in my expierence while playing, Every time I found a zombie, I died, because there was not enough resources around me, I got told by the players to "Look around in houses" but I found nothing, I was in two Servers (the America 1, and America 2) and I found nothing. Because of this, I didn't really see the use in trying

4. The Day/Night Cycle Gonna keep this short, I asked a player how long is it day, and how long is it night. They said that the day is 20 minutes, and the night is 10-15 minutes (real time) and at night, you can barely see anything unless you have a campfire or something.

I do think this game has potential, but it's just I think the following things would be needed to make this game playable for people like me:

-Singleplayer mode At least a mode where I can have a private server, ya know, have a password and username, then have people connect to their, then have public servers)

-Respawning Items I haven't found any axes, that could probably be my luck, but at least have more spawning things so it's easier for newcomers to actually start PLAYING the game, not wandering around

-Less DayZ like DayZ is a good game, but while playing this, the only thing that came to  mine was "DayZ, DayZ, oh yeah, DayZ" this game is different from DayZ, but it just seems like a DayZ + Unturned ripoff.

The Theme For MMJ2 is

Chance And Fate

Have no clue on how to Game Develop? But Have a BRILLIANT Idea that is relevant to the theme? Here is the place! 

Don't have a twitter but really want to share your progress? Well here is the place!

Got a AMAZING plot idea? Say it here!

If I can't think of anything, I might choose yours! And Provide Credit!

Would of been cool if you could play the maze or draw it out, because I don't have a printer, So I can't really do anything but make mazes.

Or what would be cooler is if you can play them, especially other peoples creations.

I made my own video, I hope you enjoy!

This game is overall great. LOVE The message that it's trying to spread.


The only way I can see it improving, is if there are more options. But it doesn't draw back, It's fine how it is.