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I'm sorry, but... i just didnt find it enjoyable. blurry graphics, OK sound design, simplistic gameplay with no goal, it needs a lot of work.

I'm going to give my thoughts here.

it's a 2/5 in my opinion, and let me explain.

It truly is a novel concept, but the rhythm is all off. Using tones when you hit the notes makes songs unrecognizable. there's no reason not to just blindfire shoot instead of following the pattern due to a lack of a score based on when you hit the note.

It needs plenty of work. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't fun.

I agree with almost all of this. I felt tetris was good enough, but lavender town... just no.

perhaps you should have the song play until it hits a note, and then if it was hit keep playing, as using tones doesnt work a lot.

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I'm not even joking about this- Please add a few more games (make the total 5-6) and post your games on steam greenlight in a collection for 1-5$ (maybe have it so we get betas of later projects?) Your games are one of a kind, and I need more of them, they're just so good.

This is so a reverse down well. but I don't care: it's quite good.