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This is what I needed, to allow myself to put 2019 behind me. Thank you.

Hi, that's so great to hear! Thank you for your patience from my reply. In order:

  • It's entirely your call as to whether the minor character lived or died. I've performed rituals where it meant death, but I've also performed rituals where it meant that the individual in question was disconnected from the camp spirit, or in one case it turned out they were the vessel of the Lindworm!
  • Yeah, that was correct. When in doubt, trust your own gut over the book.
  • Yeah, that's sick! I've played it both ways. Whatever feels more natural for your group.

And you're welcome to send me typos/oversights (preferably in private messages) and I'll see what can be done, but I'm actively working on distributing physical copies, so they might not get corrected. I'd love to see what sheet you made.

This is goddamn great. Simple, elegant, perfect for the jam, and makes me want to play the original game desperately.

I don't think that's my call to make. Can you play it solo? I certainly won't stop you, it just depends on whether you feel ready.

All of these are games I learned to play with other people, however. It might be a challenge to adapt to solo experiences. I encourage you to check out Angelica Esoterica, Jammi's response to this game, which is designed for roughly solo play.


Sure, absolutely! You can also privately message me on Twitter at @jdragsky.

I'm currently thinking about a move that covers multiple distinct circumstances. The move stand against the tide in yet-unreleased Under Hollow Hills by the Bakers really seems to capture that energy, where it's versatile and incredibly metaphorically powerful.

I'm thinking about a few other spells I'm interested in writing things for (Chill Touch, Fireball, Mordekainen's Mansion). Is that in the spirit of the jam? Or would that be its own jam?

Simple, powerful, intense, queer. I love this so dearly, even (because) I'll never play it.

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When I read Invisible Cities, I felt like I could see myself in the descriptions of the cities, and also in Marco Polo. When I play Invisible Games, I feel like I have played all of these games. In both cases, I'm right but also wrong, and so this is very good.

Hey, this game looks really cool! Please don't forget to credit artists though. The Itch cover art is by John Kenn Mortensen. 

Thank you so much! I think, if I'm gonna make art of my anxieties, I want people to read and compliment the art as well, you feel? Also, check out Games For Lost People on sale RN for more of me having feelings, this time in a more ... actually like a game format.

I had the chance to proofread this, and it was an incredible experience. It literally took my breath away. This game applies a level of mechanical thoughtfulness and depth to a single scene on a level that some games would struggle to reach in five hundred pages. 

If you're trying to understand how the best parts of larp and tabletop can intersect to make something new, or you're looking for one of the most innovative small games of 2019, or you just want to contemplate abuse through a smart and carefully-balanced allegorical lens, then look no further. This is the game for you.