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Very accurate to my experiences as someone who used to work at a grocery store, although not in prepared foods.

Glad you liked it! Please let me know what kind of monster you end up making.

I'm going to submit something I wanted to make for .dungeon class jam. Before you had made this jam I was just thinking how much I regret not finishing that project, so thank you for giving me another opportunity! 

Also might do something for Electric Bastion Jam. It won't be the project I originally was going to make for it.

I like how you put the creature stats on a table, makes them very compact and easy to read. Love the blessings of the spire, very unsettling.

I really love the thief's connections. Gotta use that in a future game.

Love it

This is that good shit

Crashmoon has a very cool aesthetic. Lots of tables filled with imaginative prompts for a weird adventure.

Very cool and evocative. Gave me a melancholy vibe.

I really dig this game. Scrubs is the only medical show I've watched, and I really felt its influence.

I would really like a guide on marketing/advertising/community building. I really enjoy and feel like I have a good handle on most aspects of actually making games, but I struggle with getting the word out.

I put together a blog post to save some twitter posts I've found useful

I'll share a copy of Loveland with any participants who send me a message on Twitter or send me an email at

This is a cute game with a nice, simple, card based mechanic.

Love the setting and random tables.

I really like this game and I want to play it.  Someday I'll try the solo variant if I can't get anyone to try it.

Yeah I wouldn't mind a deadline extension. Extending it at least into the weekend would help a lot.

One of my favorite RPGs is Wolfspell. You play as people turned into wolves. The game uses an awesome mechanic where your rolls will have either "wolf" or "human" results representing the inner conflict of your character's old mind and the instincts of their new body. 

I've had this idea to try and make a pbta game based on Pokemon. Not sure what stats or moves would be, but I liked the idea of defining Pokemon through tags. Like for example Bulbasaur could be [Grass][Poison][Small], or maybe more specific like [Vines].  I like this because its easy to define existing Pokemon or make up your own.  Growth of the Pokemon could be changing and/or adding new tags. 

In theory the game would be about exploring, finding new Pokemon, and creative problem solving using Pokemon abilities, moreso than battling.