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We do love making our games unique! The best part of these jams are making things from scratch as well. Our audio people and artists are so thankful for your positive feedback :)

Haha thanks randomphantom! We'll be sure to look into that some adjustments, but overall we're grateful that you checked this out :)

Thanks for the read. We definitely took away some cool experiences from this jam.

Hey Adam! Here's a quick blog about our experience! Let us know what you think :)

Thanks! Surprisingly this was the first game jam for the people who made Antsy Fantsy Food Party! The avatar reference was a last minute idea, but we're glad you enjoyed it. Visual wise we really loved Katamari's vibe and luckily our audio person was able to match that amazing aesthetic as well. 

Well "Indies helping Indies" is Chicago's big saying. What game community is nearby you? Hopefully you can collaborate with people in an upcoming jam! :)

Thanks Fin!

We had an amazing time participating in this game jam. The best part was being able to be a resource for each other in times of need. Members took the opportunity to grow as developers as well which made this experience twice as awesome!

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Hey Adam!

We had almost 20 people participate in our work space for the Shenanijam with 4 complete games and 1 asset pack. This was an amazing opportunity to learn and challenge everyone's limits in game development, but also a super cool first time jam for most of our participants. It was a blast researching your themes and analyzing the podcasts for inspiration. Here's a picture of most of us before we started crunching our demos. We'll be sharing a blog reflection on our website later this week as well!