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James Wood

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This is so lovely, thank you for sharing!

can't wait to get started!

Thank you WJ! Really fun to work on, hoping to do more weird bitsy stuff soon. 

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this is beautiful Claire... thank you so much for sharing. I could listen to this soundtrack forever. why am I crying, hah the sound of waves started just as I typed that and i'm smiling. Now the crackling fire. I want to stay here...

thank you!

This is so heart warming.

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This is so clever and wonderful! Is it possible to use unicode symbols like the music notes with the default bitsy font?

Thank you for sharing this! It is so wonderfully clever :)

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This is so beautiful and simple and thank you for sharing it with us.

Thank you Olive! It was so fun using it in an unconventional way and I can't wait to find other weird styles of game with Bitsy. 

I am so glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

I love this! Very nice music and funny dialogue. I really like the art style too.

No problem ^_^

It shows!

So funny and well animated! Nice colours too. Thank you for sharing :)

I love the little animation of the person on the bench waving their stick. The use of multiple sprites like the flickering supermarket sign is just wonderful!

Thank for sharing this was a nice world to explore!

Really lovely little animations and world!


Sweater moths!

Lovely little moth game!

Thank you for sharing, the use of animation for interaction is very clever!

The animations and general cinematic nature of the game is astounding!

I love this so much.

This was such a beautiful yet sombre experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. The attention to detail is just remarkable. I look forward to whatever you create next!

Thank you Ahmed! Actually it was surprisingly straightforward and the minimap is not needed. In theory you just need four exits around the sprite and then four rooms for each 3D room.

Thank you Sean! It was great fun and drawing the scene using tiles was a lot easier than expected. Really keen to return to this style of game on a larger scale. I want to see if I can get some object interaction working if possible.

lovely little game bustling with places to explore!

This is so strange and funny, thank you for sharing!

This was so lovely and the colours almost put me to sleep they are so dreamy. Thank you for sharing.

The moths are quite beautiful.

pizza dreams

lovely little story.

Thank you for this little story Sean!

Thank you for sharing this! All the little characters are lovely! I'm a bear ^_^

I love all the little characters!

Really colourful and funny little experience, thank you for sharing!

This made me laugh, I would like a tiny moth now.

Thank you for sharing this very touching tale with us. 

A kaleidoscope of moths. This was a beautiful little experience, thank you for sharing it with us.