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It is definitely both of those things. thank you for playing though! 

Sounds were next on the list but I was doing the jam on a short break visiting my brother in Scotland and ran out of time, thank you so much for playing!

Finally got around to uploading a new version in a zip folder which hopefully windows doesn't have an issue with :)

That is great to know! Thank you :)

This is a really cool concept, look forward to trying it out!

Damn, not sure what that could be. It is made in an older version of Game Maker Studio. I might try and make a browser version soon which shouldn't have the same issues.


I believe this is a limitation of the pico-8 engine they have used, you can play with a controller for a better experience perhaps?

The use of a homebase that needs to be returned to and the ability to rearrange already placed rooms is brilliant! The moment I realised I would need to place a hard room felt to tense. Wonderful game!

so charming and responsive, would love to see a full release of this. Also the use of a single offset dot to show the ball's rotation but keep with the minimal aesthetic is wonderful!

Wonderful exploration, challenges my 2D brain.

There is not much else to it honestly. You can grow a tree if you place the apple on the little patch. We wanted to get more little branching interactions but might come back to it at another time. Thanks for playing!!

Unfortunately I just completely forgot to upload it!!

Thanks! I go into some detail in the devlog for the game

I love it!

Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing so much.

Is there potential for a web app that could run in a mobile browser at some point in the future? Have missed these teapots. Thank you for this.

This is lovely and I can't wait to use it!

Really wonderful non linear story telling.

thank you!!

I can confirm that waiting for an hour does not move the hand forward.

no problem! Thanks for picking noise ^_^

  • Flicker
  • Noise
  • Missing
  • Tell me again
  • Another time
  • One dimensional
  • Three dimensional
  • Four dimensional
  • The tables have turned and also the chair

I love this bitsy piece so much and just realised seeing as you didn't submit it to the last jam, you could maybe submit it for the next one which is themed snow?

This is uplifting in a melancholy way, thank you for sharing it with us.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful little exploration of a lovely little world. I particularly love the trees.

This is so lovely, thank you for sharing it with us.

Fantastic! The rendering of the manuport pebble was particularly wonderful!

I did the same, all these lovely little details are wonderful.

wow this is really mesmerising. nice colours too!

So relaxing

a lovely stroll.


thank you so much Jupiter! 

The ability to remove/change a tile/sprite based on items you are holding when moving over/talking to them would enable a whole realm of more gameish stuff. Not sure if I want that though... 

what an adventure 

mesmerising... phenomenal use of the constraints. thank you for sharing, cannot wait for what you make next.

Ah nice, I have not tried using the desktop app before, maybe I should.

Congratulations on getting the demo out! 

Just in case anyone has a similar issue, on Mac the .app gave me the error "This file is damaged". Before MacOs Sierra you could simply change the security preferences to allow apps from anywhere but that option no longer exists. 

Instead I had to use terminal to disable the security check with the command "sudo spctl --master-disable" and then after allowing the app use "sudo spctl --master-enable" to reset the security settings. 

Not actually had a chance to play through the demo as my Mac seems to run it at a very high resolution so everything is at about 0.5x speed but looking forward to trying it on my windows machine. 

Hope this helps someone, thanks!

Ah that is such an elegant solution!