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Thank you for your good comments!

I'm glad you could play Matter! Yep, certain levels have some aesthetic issues like depth issues

Btw this Mac issue.. did you have to do something for the game to execute? This issue has been reported often, also I've never tried to play it thru the app, that's something I could definitely try, and the crash is not about performance, this game is not heavy at all, I think it's due to a permissions issue in Big Sur

Ok, in a nutshell: there is no desktop mode :(

This was easier before... in previous Unity3d versions, when you execute a build you could select a resolution and change it to desktop mode before the game starts... this seems to be removed and now I think I would need to do all of these behaviors manually

Let's chat here to help you further on this issue

Thank you for featuring Matter! Also very nice games you have for your tops! I've subscribed to your channel

Not at all! It seems like constructive criticism to me, it's just that the list of findings is not short

  • I was thinking about doing so using  either the E or Q keys to clear all the matter, this one has been requested very often recently
  • There is no management for crushes, I don't know if it would make it harder to make player die crushed or I should just avoid crushes to happen, I need to do tests
  • I need to balance down difficulty in levels with turrets for sure, tho I don't know yet if I'll do it by reducing turrets range or reposition them or giving some more help to the player
  • Jumping needs adjustments yes, sometimes it doesn't respond as quickly as the player would expect, but I'm not sure if this is what you mean

Thank you for your feedback and thank you for playing, I hope you liked it even with the issues you found

Ok, no bueno... can you please tell me which version of Mac do you have, and if you are seeing any specific error?

You've been unlucky enough to find the most difficult bugs I've been trying to face in this game

  • In level 4, there is no such thing as a timeout, you should have been able to move downwards without any obstacle... that's a bug I haven't been able to reproduce myself, but you are the 2nd player who faced this one
  • Level 5 is just too difficult, I need to balance it
  • In level 6, I think it destroyed because somehow the turrets shot the rock and it got destroyed... I'm not sure how it happened without you being there tho, I'd investigate that for sure

Your suggestion about a tool or option to destroy all the matter is actually a very good idea! sometimes the game requires to be too aware of too many things and I agree this could help balancing gameplay

About music: I still need to figure out this one, I've been thinking about just adding background noise and in some meaningful moments, to add music

Hahaha! I just could see a part of your video and I enjoyed seeing you! I won't lie, I also laughed as a maniac when you died so awfully XD thank you for playing Matter and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback

  • This is totally a bug, every newly spawned matter unit should have new lifepoints, each unit shouldn't keep anything from previous units
  • I did saw this issue but I think I mastered myself into how to avoid it rather than fixing it :D this needs to be fixed 

Thank you Louis!

Let me see if I saw all of them

  • In level 2, there are some depth issues that makes some objects to show behind others, making some platforms to become invisible
  • In level 4, If a ball falls to your head and kills player, player dies but he just keeps stood up with no realistic animation
  • Laser turrets have a weird light at the impact point
  • Level 5 requires more conveyance, also this challenge about pressing the button and moving to the elevator is not liking me anymore
  • Balls are just too weak, they shouldn't break if falling over matter
  • Dying animation should change if falling
  • YES that bloody water bug in which you can dive like a mermaid without dying... that would be a hard one to debug, indeed, sorry for making you loose time on that one
  • In level 6 there is a part you can skip if you just go back from where you came... I wouldn't say this is a bug but it definitely is something I wasn't expecting 

Can you please let me know how long did you take to pass the whole game?

Yes sure! you can send it to my email if you prefer that way

(1 edit)

I just watched the whole video (it was loading when I saw your rating)... So friend... you would be the 2nd person who ever passed this game! and the first one without any assistance. Can you please tell me how long did it take you to pass it? (I know it had to take longer)

Also, your video helps me a lot, I now see some stuff that can be improved, specially in the last 2 levels

Thank you for your encouragement comments :D

Thank you SO MUCH for your gameplay, review and rating! 

Ye,s this game is not an easy one for sure, while I like it this way, players frustration is something I've been trying to fix, as in earlier versions this game was excruciatingly difficult (you can check previous comments, there is a youtuber that wasn't lucky enough to play a more achievable version of Matter)

Intuition is something I've been working as well, I've been quite reluctant to create explicit tutorials, as you mentioned, the mechanics are quite simple and I feel player would feel more immersed in the world if they just learn by intuition, but I still feel I need more implicit guidance to the player, let the game explain by itself few by few

It's curious you mention the audio, as I've only worked in SFX, Matter still needs ambience background and in some certain moments: music. In the following weeks I'd start working on this.

So far the game doesn't give details about story, however I do plan to put an intro scene at the beginning to explain a little about at least how this character got trapped in such a world. This game has only 6 levels, but I plan to put some more that gives clues that there is an story behind, but it would be secondary, only for those who want to pay attention to this details

Again, thank you for your review, if you have any other social networks to follow you please let me know!


Juan Barba

Finished! very funny and brilliant!

I should be working you know xD... such an amazing game! 

Hello!! Thank you for your comments and your gameplay it's very useful

Right now I'm in the process of improving the levels in have, since they were very difficult. But you confirm that levels still need more conveyance and a slower progression, these are issues Matter still need to improve

If you feel curious about what was next, you had to go upside using matter to create platforms to jump and move up

AAARRHGG really good game! can't reach 4 mins tho :( hahaha

Looks interesting! Will definitely give a test after job :D

I've disabled donations! This is a demo game so there is no point on forcing to ask for donations before downloading. If any of you guys consider I deserve some beers for this game anyway, you are awesome! and here you could give me some support

Also, I had to remove the MacOS version for now, as there are some issues with Big Sur blocking permissions for the game to be executed, besides it still has some other issues reported back by some other testers.

The MacOS version continues to face issues about the game looking totally dark. If you have this same issue, try playing the game in fullscreen. Also, if any of you players and testers find this  issue, I'd really be grateful if you tell me which version of MacOS are you using. Regards!

This game looks beyond amazing! Its like made of oil painting, only seeing the game is impressive ! The gameplay... oh the gameplay.... I always wanted to make a game where you were able to control your environment (and I'm actually still on that heh), but you guys were able to take that idea to the next level! Congratulations! To be honest I only were able to see some of those review videos (office time), but this weekend I'll surely take my time to play it

Hey Miss blue! 

You might want to read the last post of my devlog, some friends helped me to do testing

TL;DR: I am so mastered in my own game (as a player, not as a dev) that I didn't notice how difficult is my game, I definitely need more people testing my game, and it cannot be me or anyone that saw designing my game, and totally those levels cannot be the ones at the demo

Also... conveyance is not as good as I thought, you got lost tons of times, I gotta think about the left door and why you didn't find it

As always, your outcome is very useful and thank you for that! You helped me to detect some bugs (tho I made it insanely difficult without noticing, sorry for that)

Done! You should be able to close the mini-tut and start playing.

Oh noo! Sorry for that :( I saw the clicking button not do close the modal a few times but I couldn't spot the specific reason and I thought it was an editor bug, I would have to remove the menus in the meantime

You downloaded the Windows version, right?

Hey Miss Blue! Just wanted to invite you to give another try to Matter :D now with new levels aesthetics and challenges, tho it would be beyond awesome to have another video, with your sincere feedback I'd be more than grateful!

This is my first Lurum Dare submission, really glad I could actually finish a game and consider it final! (I'm still working in another game)

A very simple game with the single objective of survive, jumping on each platform. Each platform will collapse, and you will run out of space very quickly, so you will have to move to another platform.

The only control you need for this game is your mouse, so you aim and left click, that's it!

You will accumulate points, the farther the platform you choice, the greater points you get. If the platform you are collapses before you jump into another, the game is over and points are shown.

Game will become harder as long as you survive (mathematically, however I'm pretty bad at my own game to test it :D )

Hi Miss Blue... Woww! I'm really glad you played my demo! Thank you for your time doing this video and your feedback, this means a lot for me, specially now. 

About the game, unfortunately you played a bit outdated version, the new one has gameplay fixes at the 2nd level and also that tutorial which I saw how much you needed in the video haha! I was laughing as crazy when you tried and failed so many times :D sorry for some stressful moments I saw that shouldn't have happened, definitely will fix those.

About the backgrounds, that's on my bucket list, after I finish all the game mechanics I have in mind, I will focus  on aesthetics (there  are actually some examples  about what I have in mind for aesthetics in the landing page)

Again, thank you for playing and hope you play it in the future with or without video ;)