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Strangely enough... these pieces ALSO go good as architecture elements for the fantasy/medieval crowd... imagine if you will the wings upright and sticking out of some gnarly temple pillars as nasty blades. Or even the torus(es) as the boundary of circular and oval pools or fountains. This set is more powerful than even I thought of at first.

When merging an OBJ, does Asset Forge intuitively break up blocks and hide/kill any part of a model that's hidden? for instance say I want a cliff model with a rock jutting out of it, I recess the rock into the cliff, and then save as an OBJ, merged... Is the other half of the model still submerged inside the other model or is it still there. Secondly, if it IS still there, is a new seam created on that rock, one that can have polygons and such erased with a geometry editor in say Daz, Blender or the like?

Hello, hello. I'm JayRay, new to the community, just purshased AssetForge, and WAS a little dismayed by the inability to add custom textures, UNTIL I found a way to ensure my obj files and MTL files DID make the cut into the AssetForge with the Kenney Guide "Creating custom blocks"

However, I noted some times that my textures, no matter how I set them would be offset. This guide on wikipedia shows ALL the specs on how to offset those textures.