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Death? Preposterous! Demo Version

A free demo version of Death? Preposterous! is now available!

In the Death? Preposterous! Demo Version you can:

  • Enjoy 6 different creature encounters from the full game, and discover the unique way that each of them unfolds
  • Explore outside of the mansion grounds, including a large hedge maze, a flower field, and a schoolhouse
  • Meet characters that play significant roles in the full game and learn a little bit about them
  • Get introduced to the unique ways that Death? Preposterous! works: its non-violent puzzle-like encounters, the simple controls and streamlined gameplay, the afterlife feature that circumvents Game Overs, and more!

For video footage, images, features, and system requirements of this game, please check out the main Death? Preposterous! page here.

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Death? Preposterous!

My new non-violent RPG, Death? Preposterous! is available today for Windows and Linux computers.

What happens when we die? What if death isn't as it seems? In this game you'll explore an island and encounter unusual creatures around the mansion. Instead of fighting them like in most RPGs, you have puzzle-like encounters where you try and figure out how to best proceed.

Depending on how you play through the events in the game, you can play as different characters and see their different stories and motivations. There are multiple endings to the game as well.

I've been working solo on this game for about a year and a half to finally bring my crazy vision to life. I think I've created something pretty unorthodox that I hope many people will find interesting or surprising, and that folks will enjoy discovering and playing for themselves.

Check out the launch trailer below!

I'm a year late here, but just wanted to say great advice! Thank you for taking the time to post it for everyone. It's still just as relevant as it was a year ago!