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This game is great! I am really looking foward to the full version.

This game was great! I really enjoyed. Made a great video

This was a really great game. I really enjoyed playing it. It was really funny and made a great video.

This was a really fun game! one of my favorites I've played on my channel so far. The only thing its missing is a way to aim the bow . Great job! I hope that more levels are added soon so I can play more of this.

Intresting game. fun to play and figure out. the only issue that I found is that there is no way to know exactly when it ends other than it looping back to the begining. I thought I did something wrong and it restarted me. So yeah other than that it was pretty good. :) 

I enjoyed playing this game. I couldn't find a game intresting or fun enough to play on my channel but then i found this one. Who knew being a cat was so much fun.

Good game

I enjoyed it

Great game!

I love cutting absolutely everything :)

Good game. I enjoyed playing it

Great game

I really enjoyed playing it.

It makes you feel like you are actually experiencing the game.

I suggest playing it.

Great game!

funny ending  lol! :)

This is a pretty good game.

Some of the levels are pretty challenging as well which is cool.