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Jay Nabonne

A member registered Apr 09, 2018

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Definitely a good start. Just a note: if you head over to the plateau with the three colors and veer slightly right and follow the trees along your left, you can walk right off the island. I enjoyed splashing around in (or under?) the water.

Looking forward to getting to the telescope!

A couple more things I noticed. Sometimes when moving the block didn't work, it seemed to shudder a little, like it was stuck. And sometimes when it didn't move, if I then tried to move forward, the block would then move.  Perhaps because I had moved... Best of luck with your game!

I really enjoy the game, and I'm looking forward to where it goes. I've played it a bit (and wandered around the lake a little), but I did run into some frustrations. It took me a while to figure out how to move the blocks because they didn't always move - and then suddenly they would. I'm not 100% sure why, but it seems like if I walk all the way up to a block where I've touched it, it has a good chance of not moving when I click the mouse, despite there being the arrow showing me I can. I tend to have to back up and try again or walk away and come back or just not get too close to it. Even that doesn't make it work all the time. I wish I could offer more, but that's my only issue with this otherwise excellent game.

Be sure to play it past the first few levels. It does evolve as you go along. (Maybe only one solo level might be good.It doesn't take long to figure out how to move around. I had this momentary fear that that was all the game was when I got to the third level...)

A very enjoyable game! I didn't get too far into yet, but I will come back and try again.

One mistake I made: I saw the door with "Erase Save", and I assumed that was two separate choices: "Erase" and "Save". In hindsight, it's clear now that it wasn't, but I did end up losing my progress, because I saw a door with "Save" and thought I had to explicitly save my state. If the wording can't be changed (perhap "Start Over" or "Reset Levels" or something) then at least some sort of warning to confirm that all will be lost would be handy.

Great job!

...until I walked off the edge of the world and fell into oblivion. Sadly, I didn't land on Myst Island.