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Jay - BlazingMoon

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Also, it must be so thrilling to see the game receive so much positive attention haha

How does it feel ?

Yess !!!! Thank you so much :D

Can't wait for the release !!

Oh hey again :)

Played the short moon version yesterday (apples meta now huh) and won in about 2 hours ~

Anyhow, do you think that you'll implement more content to the game perhaps ?

Like more quests, maybe side stories with more items ? Adding a fishing pond would be great for instance !

P.S: If you choose to do so, best of luck !! I know it takes time :)

Hey Aran !

Great Patch, lots of good stuff !! Will try short moon asap

Also, do you think you can implement automation in farms ? Like for carrots so that one goes in the stack and the original one stays in the farming card

Have a fantastic day !!

Hey there, would be really nice to make the loots from monster fights, especially the portal ones, stack up somehow (like in a chest that could work the same as the booster packs, disappearing after clicking on it when out of look). Then, it wouldn't destroy the order.

Also, would be nice to be able to zoom out more as when you get to 100+ max cards, you can't see the whole village anymore.

Finally, when there are too many cards at in an area, a single card in the middle start to drag the whole stack upwards which can be stopped by removing said dragging upwards card. That happened to me with carrots and wood; stacks were 4-to-15 cards and started going upwards when there were about 30 cards nearby.

Anyhow, really thrilling seeing you guys working hard on the project, keep it up !

Garden perhaps ? If you went from Soil to Farm, you must have skipped it
Otherwise, please tell me what is the letter range for your lacking one (or send a screen of the missing one, can help :)

Best game from Sokpop so far imo due to great graphics !

I think that most of your games are fantastic with regards to gameplay but animations/visual overall feel a bit clunky (e.g Temple of Rubbo) or too minimalistic (e.g Lucky Town)

Any chance Lisa can help you out again on Game Art for instance ?

Anyhow, you guys are definitely fantastic and are a huge inspiration for me as a beginner game dev (and gamer for the longest time).

P.S: Every 2-3 days, we speedrun Stacklands (beat Demon) with my gf and it's really fun :)

P.S.2: Won tonight ;)

Yes, he is I believe as I do the same, wasn't an issue in patch 1.03 (where I played lastly)