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i love it


guD THe GAmE wAS ReaLlY BA

it wont, there are way better games out there 

thanks a lot i really appropriate it


gud game

great game


me like snek

thanks a lot,

 i will fix the bug soon 

fun game

cool game

cool game idea

simple controls, good graphics cool game 

pretty cool game 

(1 edit)

question: how did you achieve the movement and what was the relation to the theme

i really enjoyed the game it was fun playing 

thanks a lot and yea there is a bug in lvl 2 i should be able to fix that soon

cool game

the game was fun to play i liked the difficulty curve, very nice graphics 

great game the art style is amazing and the gameplay was fun

pretty cool game really like the gameplay it was fun to play 

thanks a lot for playing the game happy you enjoyed it 

its was super fun

the game crashes

pretty good game

feedback: there not much animation in the game witch of course to hand to hand with the estetic of the game but a lot of the time there was no feedback on clearing a level or beating an enemy and at point i was lost because of that

the was very fun i  enjoyed playing it a lot

feedback : it was kind of hard to figure out the controls at first this happened most likely because my mouse would go of the game screen so it wouldn't work so maybe implement a fullscrean button 

question : how did you get the graphics to look that good

i downloaded it but it doesnt run 

feedback: maybe allow shadows in the game so you can hide the ray casting using simple 2D light and your game could be way better with some better keyboard control like change the attack key from x to left click on the mouse i hope this helps. btw the rest of the game is amazing its hard and challenging 

balls is newer

when i think about a game that is so imersive i indeed think of this game. 

the quest to get to the store tells a better story that death stranding could ever tell trully a work of art