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Javier Belmer

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Thank you everyone for your feedback and support! We're currently in the middle of fixing bugs and fine tuning the game's design for a future and refined release.

I really like the music of your game, and the overall concept. I will say both the heartbeat sound getting progressively more erratic and the frequent screaming of the baby when you'd mess up were both Super unnerving, and I praise it for raising my blood pressure. hahahahahaha The one thing that took me out of the experience a bit were the abnormally large arms when they'd throw back the food! I think a bit of a slower progression and evolution with regards to the sound queues would've made it more natural, less hectic, and slightly more forgiving when just making a small mistake, then again, Maybe that was the intent.

Thank you for playing and your feedback! We're actually currently in the process of fixing bugs and updating some features for a future more official release.

It's been a pleasure working with you, guys!!!

If you've taken part in a project, but are not the member who submitted it, but for example the composer, how do you have it show up on your profile that you have indeed done it?

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Music by Javier Belmer

Was a joy to work on this! Look forward to our next collab!

Nice to meet ya Thomas! Head on over to the discord, and maybe we can start networking and such. :))

This is my Discord:

Javier Belmer#2997

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let's talk via Discord best! Javier Belmer#2997


I'm Javier Belmer, at your service! I specialise in Music Composition, Sound Design, Foley and Voice Acting

If anyone is interested in listening to my work, and collaborate in this Game Jam (or future ones), here are my links!

I'll start by introducing myself! Hello! My name's Javier, I'm a Spanish Media Music Composer. I'm throwing myself out there, and I'd be very interested in collaborating with one or two developers for their games. I specialise in Music Composition as well as Sound Design, Foley and Voice Acting, so maybe we can do some creative things with the sounds already facilitated in the jam! If you're interested in checking out my content, here are two links of mine:

Let's get creative!

This is a forum so that people may start networking and creating teams! Make sure your sales pitch is a good one!

Hello!! I'm a Music Composer if anyone is interested in getting tailor made music for their content!

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Hello! This is a space to facilitate music composers and game jammers who wish to network and breathe more life to the original vision of the games by way of writing tailored made music for those projects. It's a great way to test a composer's writing skill while working under a short span of time. This is a forum, so any music composers offering their services are free to share their links to their music portfolios and social media profiles. As a rule however, one should not use pre-made music compositions, but establish contact with the development team to know what they're looking for, how you may bring about their 'acoustic vision', and write the music from scratch.

Being a Game Jam, it's not enough that we just facilitate the music to creators, but we ourselves must give ourselves a challenge or a topic with which we wish to experiment for the sake of art and making the Game Jam that much more interesting.  Using the topic facilitated at the start of the Game Jam to get your creative juices flowing can help in bringing out that special challenge (perhaps using one single instrument, testing your resourcefulness with specific musical and technical  restrictions, using only live recorded sounds, focusing on sound design with Max and other synthetic forms of production, or even experimenting with a  genre you haven't quite yet mastered).

That said, I am also here to present Myself as a Music Composer, and more than willing to help in anyone's video game project during the upcoming Game Jam! Here's my link if anyone's interested in checking out my extensive and varied list of works for reference!