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Re motivation: Can confirm from real life experience that attempting to summon Bloody Mary is a common sleepover activity at an American girls' sleepover. The particular version from my childhood was even worse than just chanting her name, actually. You placed a knife on the bathroom counter prior to turning out the lights, and Bloody Mary would allegedly reach out of the mirror, take the knife, and stab you. Children are strange.

It was really only because of having to go through the intro each time, all the game needs is a Restart/Try Again button on the death screen.

That is an exception, yeah. The statues and symbols are right there at the interaction point, but the trap door has them in a separate room. I kind of forgot about that one because by dumb luck I was holding the right item for the door when I got to it.

Ah, okay. I guess I was just too fast.

Well now I feel bad I didn't get it, I have a Black Knight sitting on my shelf.

Good luck on the post-jam version! I'm glad you learned something from the experience, that's the best takeaway a jam can bring.

I forgot to ask! Was there a purpose to the clock?

Items reverting to their locations disoriented me at first too, but I don't think it was a bad choice. I definitely think it would've bogged things up for me if I had to sort through some 12-odd symbol pieces at the gate part. Coming from someone that instantly picks up anything they can, at least. You might be a more discerning bird.

Just gonna throw in there to the first part, a lot of children do walk like that with their stomach out. I'm not sure what the protagonist age is, it wouldn't be appropriate if they're an older lot, but if they're prepubescent I don't think it's out of place.

I figured it was blocking the way, but I couldn't figure out how to get the body down. I tried just grabbing it directly, and breaking the rope with a gunshot or the shovel itself. Eventually I just gave up.

There was one payment slip, but aside from that yeah, I had no idea what it was looking at, haha. Still creepy, though!

What horrifyingly squeaky feet

Definitely got a couple jumps out of me! And I've always got a soft spot for games that manage to tell stories without the use of any words.

This one blew me away. I came in expecting cute graphics and an enemy that would chase me. Instead I had to walk to my impending doom, which I found much worse than running from it. And then the art took a very quick turn from cute! A super creepy narrative with super creepy pixel art to back it up is a win in my book. 

This was a really cool throwback. This wouldn't have all felt out of place if I'd been playing it in an arcade instead of on my PC. I did terribly at it, I only actually collected one clue, but I got the right guy regardless, so that's a win in my book. But yeah, awesome job! There was way more depth to the mechanics than I expected walking in. I tell ya hwhat though, screw those supers-speed torches.

This is really good, especially considering neither of you have much experience! There's a clear narrative, solid gameplay, I thought being able to bring people with you was particularly cool, and the sprites look nice. There are only really two issues with it:

- Redoing the intro to try again on death. I would've definitely given it more attempts if I could've just started from meeting Bloody Mary.

- Death screen is LOUD. Not scary loud, hurt my ears loud. 

I've got a few more to play yet, but I think this one's my favourite so far! The writing was excellent, the length was perfect, the concept was interesting, it was creepy, and it looked good to boot.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and build up. The imagery was very cool for a Twine game! The writing's quite good, especially as this appears to be a non-native writer? I was only disappointed with the length. 

This had a promising start, but I just couldn't get it. I collected the shovel, and that was about as far as I progressed. I thought maybe I was supposed to bury the body to free the path to continue on, but I couldn't figure out how to do that. 

This was an interesting game, I liked being able to explore as the different characters. Although I was a bit disappointed at the length of the mother's chapter. It did have probably the scariest part in it, though, so I guess that evens out. Some of the movement/collision was strange for me, but nothing bad enough to prevent me from progressing.

I was looking forward to trying this one after you posted about it in the Discord. I do wish I'd played without reading the game description, so what the cord is wasn't spoiled for me. This one definitely had unique imagery and creepy vibes. 

What a bad, bad Yule lad. This was a neat little platformer, the light mechanics were interesting, and having a boss fight was fun. I did initially make it hard for myself by not realizing I had a movable flashlight, and just had it pointed straight at the ground. But once I got that figured out, it was fun. Died a couple times, just the right amount to be neither bored nor frustrated.

Neat game, wall breaking ones are always fun. This mostly was a reminder I don't name stuff well, most of what it pulled up were just random strings of numbers/letters. 

This one's definitely very creepy! I'm not used to having such a talkative antagonist, and I can't say I care for it! I wasn't sure what the body meter filling up beside the battery was for? Was that like damage I was taking? Stamina? Anyway, solid game!

Very interesting start. The art/music is very well done, if those weren't pre-made assets. I couldn't beat the banshee, I tried a good five or six times. 

I haven't finished it yet. I got incinerated (I was considering whether I needed to turn the valve at the bottom before jumping down for too long apparently) and then realized I hadn't saved and would have to start over. I'm gonna move on to see the other games, but I'd like to return and finish it. I'm interested to see where it goes!

You definitely have a knack for writing gruesome details! This was about what I expected based on your submission for the last jam, which isn't a bad thing. Good art, good atmosphere, a story that's short but packs a big punch. It could definitely have benefited from some proof reading, but that's totally understandable for a game jam. 

Cool game! The pre-store closing song is a jam. Things get creepy pretty quickly. I like the concept of dressing the mannequin, it puts a more original spin on just collecting pages/whatever-item. And I appreciated the randomization. However, I could never get beyond one article of clothing put on Manel. It's a pretty difficult game!

I'm really impressed with this one! There's a good variety of puzzles, the sounds were nice. I liked the old school feel. I've only played two so far, but I expect this'll be one of my favourites.

This one immediately caught my attention for the title. I'm guessing that's a method of testing if someone's a witch?

I didn't understand how to help the prosperity of the village. Whether I built trust or gathered resources, it just kept going down. But I thought it was interesting, and was happy to see a unique genre in the list!

Well, there's not a whole lot to say for the early stage it's in. Good luck finishing it up, if you do get back to it someday!

Ah, I see. Haven't seen the show, but he's a cute little guy.

Maybe you just need to git gud

That is the exact style the writing is going for. I'm glad you're enjoying it, despite not being a big VN person! 

I only found 2.

I can relate to that, I made my SFX for my previous jam game, and had a hell of a time trying to turn the sound of a glass cup into an elevator ding. I don't even know what I'd try to do to simulate a bullet.

Once I was able to play more than the intro, I really liked this one! The narrative/atmosphere is really interesting. The rave party with the clown head freaked me out.

Oh, I didn't mean the arms' existence was out of place, I meant how they look. It didn't seem consistent with the art style of the environments and enemies. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the arm model/texture, the other stuff just looked more detailed.

Will do! 

I recognized three, I wasn't sure about the purple one in the tophat.

Thanks for the typo alert! It's a Renpy game, yeah.