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Oof, that's exactly how I felt when I've decided to scroll down to the comments.

For the potential 

I feel like that is the out of control part, but for an actual game that would be nice to have

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Jason, Unity Procerssing (p5.js); too bored, want to make something. Good luck everyone, hope you all have fun!

Wow! 58?! My highest was 46!

Thanks for playing the game mate! Because in Processing the positive direction for y axis is downward, thus the inverted gravity so I can save a few characters writing the code XD.

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Binary search - the game

Like the simplicity and colourful texts. well done

Concept is cool but I can't live with this control

Well done for a short jam :D

I might have quit a bit too early =P

good luck with the post jam expansions!

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Coolest game I've seen this jam hands down

(too bad I can't rate :(

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The graphics, animation, SFX and BGM are way beyond the jam quality!! The character controls can be improved a bit tho (and maybe add some checkpoints as well?) Besides that a really fun game to play!

Edit: not sure how it fits the theme btw

Love the graphics and sound design. The lying element does not go well with the gameplay. I didn't know what to follow sometimes and just ends up running all over the map cluelessly. 

It has the potential if polished more!

Thanks for the feedback! The sound effects were added last seconds tho, glad you liked it! =D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

interesting bug, maybe you unlocked some special abilities XD. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the comment! It was my focus to get the graphics good for the jam so I'm really happy you liked it.  We did plan to implement an aim assist system/bullet trail prediction, but time disagreed. Thanks for playing!

Now I know my hard work paid off :D, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for playing our game and for the dramatic descriptions! =D

Thanks for playing! We spend a lot of time making sure the game is  j u i c y. The game was heavily inspired by the visuals of Persona 5 (might have taken their color palette...)

39 seconds before the deadline!!! wow

Love details in the VFX (camera shake and explosion), they really give the controls more juice. One complain would be the inventory panel, I stumbled upon it by mistake but I might help to have it always displayed so I didn't have to count the drops mentally. 

I can rate this cause I did not submit myself, so good luck with the rating, and hope you finish on the next one!!

Thanks for playing our game, the restart thing was a bug we realized but could not fix in time. We might work on this project some more and release a better version in the future.

Thanks, I hate it. 10/10

tbh, it was a really interesting game mechanic and some great graphic for a jam game

Alright, time to try it in real life

This is some triple A gold. Really reminded of my child hood. like my dept I'll rate -42183/10