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Jason Warren

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I think you have remarkable discipline; to bring yourself back to the table, define your scope, manage expectations and face the realities of the situation takes an iron application of self-management. Well done, I look forward to seeing what comes out of it.

You're welcome, it's rare to get such a beautiful work for such a minor financial investment! I'll be finding some community copies when payday rolls around.

Am I right in thinking you're based in Southampton? If so, greetings from a Ringwood native!

How do I rate this game? I wish to shower it in stars.

After cooing over the lovely book after it arrived in the post, I've just completed the tale of my first Keeper and subsequent decade long wait.

Holy. Fuck. This game, this game, is absolutely superb. The relatively simplicity of the ruleset and open nature of the prompts hide an incredibly engaging experience.

I started with the idea that I might put my Artefact into another RPG, but I'm already certain that this story needs to play out and conclude in the pages of my journal.