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Same issue for me tragically.  Cute as fuck aesthetic though

Presentation is perfect

I like the presentation a lot!

Easily the most complete game I've played so far.  Nothing was rough or janky, and I actually cared enough to beat it.  Not sure what else you can ask for from a 48 hour game :)

Hope you guys enjoy :)

Very novel idea and extremely clean presentation

I laughed out loud at "I wasted my life not pursuing my dream of being a successful indie dev".  Five stars for that alone.

We have a winner, folks.  5 stars.

Good presentation, hard as fuck in some parts

No, the art style it has is the best part of this game.  I love the idea of birds vs fish, OP.

Cute idea, but I REALLY wish there was short hopping

AWESOME graphics, and the game is pretty fun :)  5 stars

Really cool idea and decent presentation.  Could use some meat but it's a really cool idea

Very good presentation and insanely long, handcrafted level for a 48hr jam

It was very novel to play and the presentation is awesome.  I like this because it's the type of idea that would only ever be pursued in a game jam.  It has problems of course, and wow there's a reason no one has done 360fov before, but my knowledge on design is better for Argus existing :)

What's the convention you subtracted?

The window is obviously what stands out to most people.

And they're not wrong.

It's really cool!

Excellent presentation with a lot of really nice touches, like the "Do Better" text at respawn or your gravestones when you die.  The graphics really are super cool.  Does feel like death is random though.

Easily the best game I've played so far.  Insanely polished, with its own fitting music and sound effects.  A novel idea and executed very well.  The puzzles were fun to solve and it totally changed how I look at the world around me.  I wish I could give 6 stars.

Just a walking simulator, but it knows what it is and it has some cute jokes!  Very very cute graphics.

Very very good presentation, the best I've seen so far.  Once you understand the mechanic it's a pretty cute take on the match 3 genre!

The best idea I've played so far.  Hard to control but that's kind of the idea. I especially liked the title and the credits being on the walls.  It's well paced, it introduces props, then enemies, then hazards.  Good job!

The cute art is what pulled me in, it's also what kept me grinding away at it.  The first room is not generous with its collision, so it took some time to solve the puzzle, but i especially liked the boss at the end.  It was fun realizing that i needed to use the environment to hurt my enemies.  I feel like it could'e gotten more creative with it's ideas, and yes the music is repetitive.  But if this is a first game by someone then they did a good job.