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Just to be clear, this is the license:

Sorry, I missed this, so this is probably late, but to answer your question, yes.

Hey @cdodge89, I figured out the problem I think you were having when I was creating my own hexagon object.

Anyways, I uploaded a hexagon object in this thread here, and in that thread, I also share the solution that I used in Blender to fix the same problem I was having.

I'm not a modeler by many means, and getting this right wasn't as easy as just creating a hexagon.  I had to change the top and bottom of the hexagon from an ngons to triangular faces.  However, once I got that squared away, it worked!  It's nothing impressive by any means, but it's a very simple shape that was missing that I wanted and figured if I wanted it, someone else would and I'd share it. =)

This is what 7 look like alongside a default square.  You can download it on GitHub. Hopefully this helps someone else out.