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I shoot the first guy, but his bullets was still shooting at my direction. I even dont havy any idea how to move..

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Yes, in the future. Thanks!

You can use it wherever you want ;)

se ve bien :)

I love this graphic style!!

that looks amazing :o

I love the car driving :D

Thanks ;)

Hi. I have just released my first horror game, Would be nice if you can check it and tell me what do you think :)
Here is the link:

Thats what im looking for :D

Nice, sounds like music from "Drive" movie

Gracias hermano!

few screenshoots

Happy new year 2046!

No i bardzo ładnie ;)

When You finish? i want to try this game

old games factory

New trailer :) Tomorrow i have a little new year brake and im coming back to work in 2022 :D

Wow, I love this art, tomorrow i will check it !

From where You got the sound?

What is it?

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Lifeless frontier is a top-down 2D game set in a post-nuclear world.
For making art im using Audacity, Aseprite, and some other programs like Windows Paint xd
For game making its Multimedia Fusion and old good Games factory :D

Player takes control of the  -Bolt-  courier transporting parcels to the other side of the "lifeless frontier".
Only people who are immune to -sounds- can cross the border (Lore is quite rich and interesting).
The game will put a lot of emphasis on non-linear choices and various endings, but about the story maybe another time ;)

I'm throwing a few screenshots  

More info soon!

Ok, it works when i turn on full screen

i write me name and nothing happens

good :D


woooow, i need this :o

wow awesome!

Interesting <3

wow awesome!

Man, there is a virus in the latest update :(

Haha thanks bro!

nice stuff :)

I Love this art <3

that looks nice :)

thats look good!

Games factory ;)