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I have old computer, no chance to play :D

Its not working on my desktop, but i watched it on stream, very good ;)

Nes vibes :D

Ok, i didnt realize that i dont have to always use pogo to kill them xd

Fixed ;)

I dont know how to finish second level :D Amazing color palette and sprites ;)

Hey! Ill try to fix that today ;)


Thanks! Im using small pixels thats why i can make it fast and easy :D To craft ammo you use Q but you need to have trash (bottom left corner of screen). To heal you use R but you need to have injector (buy in clinic or find) 

good game :)

Ok, im downloading!

I have to play this :D

Why its 200mb :o

Very nice animations :)

How long you making the game?

I dont know, it works before, i check now and its working, weird..

Thanks, you can find the bone in the cave near cemetery and take it to the dog, it was supposed to be a mini-game of throwing a stick to the dog, but I also deleted it because the dog didn't look good in such small pixels :p But you can give him the bone ;)

Btw. do you have any yt channel where you uploading your gameplays?

Thanks for your comments!

After death, there is a time interval of one second where you cannot press the button. The guards' bullets can't do anything to you. There is a problem with this door on the northeast, I don't know how to fix it, you have to stand on the left side of the door, then the card will work, there is only money inside. I had to remove the part of the helicopter game because it used too much memory, it took us to a separate part of the map where, together with the released dragon, we had to fight a black dragon, maybe I'll make an addition one day ;)

Im amazed by your stuff, i have to make game based on your arts, sending donation!!

Thanks for your comment, Ive just noticed stuff with horse and checkpoint yesterday xd and im working on little updatem it will be uploaded today ;)

Thanks again !!!

It will be nice if you can share link to the game on your social media


Check out gameplay :)



Good title !

Thank you for kind word and payment, it really help 🙂

perfect combination for me :p

Thats why I made it :D

Thanks man, let me know what you think ;)

Instagram. Jarp.PIX

Thanks, It looks nice. I'm not good at making characters, I'm currently making pixel art graphics where the character is 5x5 pixels :p

Im using clickteam fusion to build everything, its very easy  ;)

I've already uploaded it, Grass background.png ;)

Hi, I didnt notice that there is no background sprite. 

Thanks for your feedback, i have already change some stuff, player can dash, enemies have more hp etc. ;)

Good work :D