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Jarod, Cooper, and Ethan

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This game is really phenomenal, and has a lot of potential. The levels could do with some more variation, but the consept itself is awesome. I can see some "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" shenanigans going on where there are multiple things to attend to while also steering the ship

The game is definitely spoopy, but like others had noted it is too hard to get out of paralysis and the overlay needs to be anchored to the corners. Still existentially dreadful and I love it

 I like the idea to go the extra mile to get voice command set up (sadly I couldn't utilize it since I am at work right now) but overall good game. Can the zombie unicyle ever knock over. It seems with a inherently unstable vehicle that would be part of the game and I think add to more out of control being stagnated responses and balance. Just a thought

The art looks really good and the concept is novel, but the some minor issues like the enemy not always beholden to your same rules, and the flag never spawning for that modifier leave room for improvement. I would love to see this expanded upon

This game is super wacky in aesthetics and ideas. I love how you mess with the window box size as a gameplay element. Super cool game. Only problem was a small bug where I completed a run with backwards controls and anti-gravity, and when I returned to the hub world I was stuck on the roof. Overall very enjoyable I would love to see more of this

I love the simple yet addicting game play and the small touches like the sweat when the character is running. Super fun!

Of course, sorry if it seemed a little rough. I always find what I can work on more important than what I did well which can always come off a little pessimistic

I get what concept you were going for, and it does feel out of your control, but unfortunately with no stake in being fast mixed with limited visibility it often become a long waiting game as you wait for the characters to rotate to the correct one instead of a planning/strategizing  one. The visual language as well make it hard to tell what is wall and what is ground. They are too close to be discernible from each other at a glance. I like the idea of each character having individual roles though.

Very fun concept. Last level gave me some trouble but I was really enjoying the gameplay loop. Nice Job!

Really enjoyed it! I don't always go through all the levels in a game jam game but this one kept me playing until the end!

That was great. Platformers are some of my fav genre and it was a really good quick game. Nothing was frustrating and the level shifting was a cool mechanic for the theme. Loved it!

Wow, I really felt the eerieness from this game. Was so cool and interesting. So many parts fit the theme. The checkers game was out of control after each move and the ending was something I couldn't control in any way with either. Amazing!

Very interesting concept. Never would have thought of something like this. It really does feel like some aspect of my life are out of control in this.

It's a funny game especially when you get a lot of fish and you spam the flop button. Makes me laugh and I enjoy it. Nice job!

This is honestly really good. Presentation is amazing and the option to choose your gender is a nice touch.

I really enjoyed it!

Really... weird. But in a good way. A lot going on but it makes it a well-populated world that's cool to go through

I like the concept and aethetic a lot but the level is very weird and hard to move around in. I wasn't sure if I needed to hit the glowing block to break it with lasers or go around. I tried multiple things and it didn't seem to work.

Really cool idea and unique controls. I love how you need to try and stategize how many people you pick and place

Phenomenal game, the core game loop is interesting and dynamic and you are at the mercy of the river. Visually it stands out. I would love to see this fleshed out or ported to mobile. You have definitely earned a follow on Twitter and I can't wait to see what else you do.