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Just played the Deluxe version, i really loved the simple yet game changing additions. I hope this comment be read... but, i have some lil suggestions/feedback for maybe future changes :V: 
- About the mirror demon, the way to acess it (grabbing and shooting the rifle 3 times) feels really weird (because you have to go back , grab and listen the message again). What about it be something like: When you first enter the room, the reflection is normal/clean, then in the subsequent entrances there is a chance (or always) of appearing the demon, then you use the cross, making the mirror crack, and the demon dissapear from the reflection, repeat this one additional time to make it really cracked, then only make the demonic reflection appear again if you have the gun thus triggering the event. I think that this would make smoother and more mysterious.

Some questions:
- The extra lore is the one from defeating the demon?
- There is some use for the clown nose (nasus) item?

- In the deluxe version, the secret note after defeating  the boss, for collecting all notes still works like in the free version? (i was pretty sure i collected all, maybe the note progress reseted because i died midway in the woods (collected note, save point in the shed, died, recollected only the ones after the save point).

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It was a short but mysterious playthrough, great atmosphere, kinda reminded me of Yume Nikki. I played a few times, some questions;

There are only two ''endings''? (be swallowed by the light or falling between some buildings and hitting the ground?).
Normally i catch the themes of things, but, a can't manage to put the clues together, any hint :D
Now maybe this is a bug, but, if you press jump a lot of times really fast you can climb anything with a favorable angle, this kinda breks the immersion XD
Overall reallly unique and beautiful game.