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You are right, the map is a bit too hard to navigate and there is too much backtracking. This is something I noticed when doing the final playtesting, but then it was already too late to make any major changes (as I am afraid to make big changes since they sometimes break the whole game!). But thank you for the feedback, it is important to know what I did wrong so I can learn from my mistakes in my next metroidvania project.

Thank you for the feedback.

Yes, I agree that the map could definitely be more useful. I implemented it in a pretty late stage of the development, so it was a bit too late to make any major changes. That is definitely something I remember in my next metroidvania: more hints where to go next, and less backtracking!

Huh, I was pretty sure the issue is iframe-related. Apparently your Firefox does not accept any kind of access to local storage. Well, that is good to know.

The saving issue only occurs on Firefox if you have certain security setting (local storage blocked on iframe). It is something I cannot fix, although you can try to run the game directly, without iframe, by following this link:

Then the saving should work, as far as I know.

The "bad ending" is actually the only ending in this game. If you had a key left, it would have just taken you a special room where you could have obtained something nice, but not another ending.

This happens if your browser's security settings do not allow accessing local storage when the application is embedded in an iframe. I cannot fix this in my code, so you can either

1) Try another browser (are you using Firefox, perhaps, because in my earlier projects people have had similar issues on Firefox, although on default settings it should work fine on Firefox)

2) Change your security settings (not sure which ones, though)

3) Try this direct link: It's a link to the web page embeds inside the iframe, so saving should possibly work there

What gamepad were you using, and what browser (and OS)? The gamepad support isn't very great right now since there are too many different gamepads (and even different Xbox-like gamepads - that in theory should work in an identical way - act differently on the same browser) and every browser has a little different gamepad API implementation (for example, Firefox thinks dpad has two axes, Opera consideres dpad normal buttons)

I played the game through with my gamepads on two different browsers, and it worked fine, so in theory it should work with Xbox-like gamepads...

Nope, there is nothing beyond "The End" screen, and no secret ending.

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