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Thank you so much for playing! I enjoyed watching your video and you coming to a realization of the lore the second playthrough! Follow us on IG for info on the sequel to this game :)

Thank you for all your support my man. We appreciate it a lot! Part 2 in the works as you already know ;)

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for playing! Good luck with your bubble guts :)

Hi! We really do appreciate that you came back, but we've been very busy and were not able to build the game for web support without issue. Furthermore, we weren't originally planning for this game to support web browser so if there were to be new bugs, it may cause underlying and unprecedented issues during said inconvenient time. May I ask if there was a problem downloading it on your side? Must it be on browser for you to be able to play? 

Thanks so much for playing and the feedback! We'll definitely take that into account when we work on future games :)

Thanks for playing! If you ever get a chance to reply back: may we know what you found difficult and what you think we could do to make the experience better? Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much for playing! I enjoyed watching your video :) and thanks a lot for your feedback, hope to see you again in the future

Thank so much for playing. I enjoyed watching your video and I appreciate all your time, commentary, and feedback. I hope to see you again soon! 

Thank you so much. I genuinely enjoyed watching your video. I'm glad you got to experience the endings and cheated death! Sorry for giving you anxiety :)

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We weren't planning for this to be playable via browser, unfortunately. We're currently trying to see if we can do anything, but there's no promises :(

You should not have to be guessing any answers whatsoever. As stated by the front page here as well as the Quick Tutorials page, all answers can be found by listening closely to the recorder as well as on the paper itself. Let me know how it goes! 

Thanks a lot for playing! I left a comment on your video :) 

Awesome video! I enjoyed watching and I'm so glad you liked the game. Thanks a lot for playing

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed playing, and we definitely will continue working!

I appreciate that a lot! Thanks so much for playing

Wow thank you so much for that haha I'm glad you enjoyed playing and I hope to see you finish the game. I'll be waiting!

Thanks so much for playing! I left my comment on your video :) Hope you enjoyed

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed! 

Just in case you were wondering, the way you prevent dying was something you weren't utilizing at all. It was found on that intro paper 'Quick Tutorials' page under Controls :)

Yay! So exciting and great energy once again :) Thanks so much for playing.

Thanks very much for playing! I enjoyed watching your video and am glad that you enjoyed playing. I hope to see part 2 soon :)

Remarkable gameplay and commentary. I had a great time watching your video and seeing how you were able to quickly come up with the correct strategies for how to beat the game as smoothly as possible. So smooth in fact, that you actually didn't even know that there was a bad ending to it. You were already ready to cheat death and knowing that the desk is the only way to survive, you were prepared. The player's boss telling you your work was done and that you may go to sleep was a cue for you to look left and press on the bed next to you, ultimately leading to a quite obvious, yet gullible death on behalf of the player. 

I appreciate you for the amazing feedback. I also noticed that you were able to understand the key mechanics of the game, despite you not being the designer. You realized the importance of the lamp and how it drives the killer away, saving you a lot of accumulated seconds from hiding under the desk (the game does have a time limit). 

The small additions to the game you mentioned are things we definitely have and will continue to consider. For this game however, we decided to keep it nice and simple, easy, and straight to the point.

Kyle -> Kyl was not a typo. We wanted the player to not only be aware of external sources (that being the top of the paper), but also how Kyl T. Knight is quite literally implying (if you say it fast enough) that you will be Killed T'Night (Sounds similar I guess.. Kind of?) 

Nonetheless, thanks so much for playing our game. We hope to create more content and see you again!  

Thanks for playing and the awesome video! I enjoyed watching :)

I absolutely love your energy :) Amazing video. Thanks so much for playing. Looking forward to part 2!

One of the most smooth, flawless runs I've seen anyone play so far! Thanks so much for playing and your feedback!

Those things have been definitely been considered and I agree they would be great additions to the game! There also could have been a use for the left side of the game (killer also comes through door). However, for this project we decided to keep it short and simple. Maybe for a sequel.. ;)

Thanks so much for playing! I had a great time watching your video, though you kept skipping through the tutorials/controls menu :) Refer to my comment on your video for more information

Thank you so very much for giving this game another chance. We are all human! Absolutely no harm done. I'm just so glad it went better this time!

Absolutely amazing and hilarious gameplay + commentary. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video! Thanks so much for playing!

Very entertaining video! You definitely startled me at the beginning. I'm so glad you were able to finish the game and experience the ending. How lucky you were at the end indeed! Thanks so much for playing :)

Hi! Few things to note here (I'm replying the same thing under your comment section of the video). 

1.) The game is NOT troll nor buggy (as far as I know). 

2.) You were not utilizing an extremely key aspect of the game, which was to 'Hide Under Desk', found on the Quick Tutorial page that you have access to every time you press Play or by pressing Escape. Instead of playing the game the same way and dying the same way every time, you should realize the key mechanic you were missing. So if it's so key, why isn't it clearly addressed in the paper? That mechanic is so important, that it just so happens to help you prevent death every time. So I intended for the player to figure it out shortly after dying a few times.

3.) Why did you keep dying even after turning off the lights? The paper said that the killer is ATTRACTED to light, but in real life, a murderer has their ways. It is not 100% prevention. Turning off the light actually helps a lot. A lot of players forget to utilize this and waste a lot of time. Like I said, even when he opens the window regardless, you had to hide under the desk. 

As for the loud printer, that was just a coincidence. You turned off the lights and he ran away. Nonetheless, I'm glad you gave the game a try! I appreciate the game commentary and feedback. Knowing this new information, I really hope you'd give the game another try.

I watched the whole video :) Thanks so much for playing and commentating

We tried to make it so that the player is inclined to strategize in order to beat the game (at least efficiently). I'm very glad you got to experience the endings! If you make a video, we will most definitely watch it. Let us know :)

Thanks for playing again and beating it! Glad you enjoyed 👍 from me

Thanks so much for playing and commentating! We're really glad you were able to get both endings and that your strategic playstyle was near flawless!

Thanks for playing and showing your gameplay! 

Thank you so much for playing. I really appreciate that

Thanks for the awesome video and commentary. I learn a lot about how others play and what things I can fix/balance to make the player experience more satisfactory. I appreciate your feedback a lot. We hope you try out the game sometime in the future again till the end as we just updated the game to be slightly easier in regards to getting particular answers wrong. Thanks for playing!

You're working late at night, filing the last bit of murder crime paperwork that your boss needs done ASAP. There's one catch. It doesn't seem like you're alone and there's something very odd about the victims. Can you finish your tasks and survive the night?

Please give our game a try and let us know what you thought in the comments!

Fun game! I think it's a pretty good concept. I didn't have as much of a problem with the movement as others may have gotten, but that's just me! I like the graphics and the sound of the game. Overall great job! :)

Game was very fun to play. Visuals and audio design were very well incorporated into the game. Mechanics and controls were smooth. There are great details, which I love because small details go a long way. The story is clear which shows good execution and planning. Well done on this game!