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I have just bought the print edition, but I am not sure how it is going to get to me. I wasn't prompted to submit my address or information, so I am just confused as to how this works.

Amazing, thanks so much! 
I'll be going through their stuff for hours now I know it's there!

Epilogue Jam community · Created a new topic Background Art

Yo, this sounds like a really interesting jam and I'm up for joining when it starts! 
I was just wondering though, what is the background art you used on the jam page?

Thanks anyway, I hope the jam goes well!

Summer RPG game jam community · Created a new topic TTRPG?

I only just saw your jam, and primarily make table-top games, primarily RPGS. I was wondering whether you were strictly looking for Computer RPGs, or whether TTRPGs were also permitted.
Hope everyone is having fun so far in this jam!

Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed Misfire, and I totally agree with all of the criticisms you have made. I am planning to release a post-jam update at some point, with all of the content I was unable to put in during the jam, as well as changing existing things based on feedback.
Thanks again!

Yeah, I definitely need to work on my time-management for next year! I had a lot more planned but was unable to get any of it done in time.

Yeah, I struggled to come up with something for this jam, and an asteroids clone was the first thing that came to mind!

Thanks for your feedback though, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Yeah, I managed my time pretty poorly, so was unable to add all the features I originally planned. I was going to have a vortex in the centre that pulls the player towards it to better fit the 'Out of Control' theme.

Perhaps I will update the game with all the features I wanted to put in. Thanks for playing though, and thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Hello, I was wondering whether this game jam will have a theme or not.

Looking forward to the jam!

Thanks so much, I really wanted to get across in this pamphlet how horrible and malign the spire's magik is, so I'm glad you found it unsettling! 

I did want to add more detail for all of the creatures, with small descriptions and mien tables, similar to your layout in In The Thicket, but I couldn't manage to find room for them anywhere.

It's like a mini Gardens of Ynn for Troika! Great work! I like the presentation, you managed to fit a lot of content into the pamphlet, which is definitely something I really struggle with a lot. 

I'm sorry to hear that you've stopped work on Salt Man (in 2D), I really enjoyed the demo! I can't believe there were 5 Salt Man games, I was shocked! I can't wait to see Salt Man in three dimensions for the first time, I hope the development goes well! 

Thanks for sharing your assets and your game

This is amazing! I can't believe you put all of this together for the jam, this is insane! The level design is great, I love the music and art-style, this is honestly a real feat!

This is really fun, it can get hectic very quickly, but I enjoyed it!

Really enjoyed this one! I think the mechanics are great, I'd love to see this with a few more stages. I think I found the secret (was it the screen filter?) 

Great job, I really like this one! Salt Man has never looked so good!

I only noticed because one of the pumpkins jumped through it first! I really enjoyed it though, good job man!

I enjoyed this game a lot! I thought the level design was pretty good, although I found the crowbar was much more effective than the pistol in combat. I even found the secret 'smile' room! 

This is a very nice gaming experience indeed. The cutscenes are a very nice addition, I feel like you really understood the feel of Salt Man. It was only on my third run of the game that I managed to get the Secret Ending, and I enjoyed every second of it.

This is amazing! I can't wait to see this game finished, at long last I know what it is like to BE everybody's favourite salt-based superhero! 

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Thank you for playing Dalzuki's Kingdom! 

I am not sure why you couldn't move or attack diagonally, you should be able to, so I am not too sure what happened there. You can also pick-up items with '5' on the numpad or with space, but this is something I should have put in the game controls, I completely forgot somehow and I apologise! 

The reason why the window doesn't scale is because it is running off a text terminal with an only ASCII display. The reason why it doesn't appear ASCII is because the 'extended ASCII codes (128-255)' were re-written to appear as simple sprites and tiles. 

I'm also not too sure why the audio was only playing through one of your headphones, this is something else I will change in an update!

Honestly, I'm just happy you played this game I worked on, and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it all that much, but thank you for following! Hopefully my future works will be more to your liking. Thanks again for checking out my game and including it in your stream, it really means a lot to me :)

I've never really got round to using unity either tbf, it's something I really wanna check. I actually really like game make a lot although I haven't finished any projects or anything with, I just feel as if it does too much of the work for me which is helpful I just prefer to do it myself hhahahah

Yeah man it's not really very useful especially compared to more modern languages and stuff like Game Maker, but it's just what I'm used to ahahah. There is a free trial version that has full functionality it just doesn't allow you to compile your programs as exes. 

Ya, it is 1.31 that I'm playing, it seems stable so far, the only time its froze is when I first started and I didn't really know what i was doing so I probably messed it up somehow. I wrote my own engine for DK in BBC BASIC for windows. It isn't really suitable for most types of games, but for ASCII and text-based stuff it works fine, and is what I use for most games I make really.

This is the link to BBC BASIC for Windows website if you were interested in checking it out or anything like that!

Thanks so much, it really means a lot! I tried adding in a few more quests as well as more functionality with the spells, but I didn't manage it in the time of the jam. I had a few plays with apotheosis; so far I have only come out unworthy, so I wanted to play a bunch more before I left my rating, I really like the game feel in it as a whole! 

I really like this program! It could be a jam in its own right - '4-colour game jam', where you can only use a palette generated by this program. I'm still not sure what the 'mono' button does, does it just make the palette generate with a single colour? Nice one

I agree, even though the display of the game is limited to text, I feel that input also being limited a step back is unnecessary

Okay thanks!

TEXT community · Created a new topic Text-Only, no audio?

As this jam is a text-only, does that mean that it text is only allowed for visual output, or are we still allowed to use audio and sounds in our games? Or is it going to be strictly text-only which would mean no audio?

Thanks! I am looking forwards to the jam!

Will we be able to use custom text characters, so for instance, rewriting some of the text character for the game so that they resemble crude sprites and tiles etc, so technically it is still text being displayed by the program, it just doesn't appear to be to the user?

Thanks for checking it out! I really liked canal goons when I read through it, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet

Yo thanks man! I am working on a TTRPG of my own that is primarily mutation based, but perhaps I will update Altered Goons to have more mutations at some point. Thanks for checking it out though man that's sick

Hey, I'm looking forwards to the jam! Is there going to be a jam discord or anything like that? 

Hey I don't think you made the game public, there is no download link anywhere for me

Yo I really like the aesthetics of the pdf, everything looks really nice! I can't wait to print this off and play it when I get a chance, good work!

This dungeon is pretty cool, good job! I really like the oceanic cave theme and all the ocean themed enemies, very nice!

This game is real good, great work man, I really like the tileset you used and the minimal colour palette etc

Yo this game is sick its really fun good job dude

Yo this is actually really rad, great job dude this is really good