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Thanks for checking it out! I really liked canal goons when I read through it, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet

Yo thanks man! I am working on a TTRPG of my own that is primarily mutation based, but perhaps I will update Altered Goons to have more mutations at some point. Thanks for checking it out though man that's sick

Hey, I'm looking forwards to the jam! Is there going to be a jam discord or anything like that? 

Hey I don't think you made the game public, there is no download link anywhere for me

Yo I really like the aesthetics of the pdf, everything looks really nice! I can't wait to print this off and play it when I get a chance, good work!

This dungeon is pretty cool, good job! I really like the oceanic cave theme and all the ocean themed enemies, very nice!

This game is real good, great work man, I really like the tileset you used and the minimal colour palette etc

Yo this game is sick its really fun good job dude

Yo this is actually really rad, great job dude this is really good 

I wrote it in BBC BASIC for windows.

Yo this game is really fun dude, I like the fact that the boat keeps some of its momentum and takes a second to slow down, very nice. The only thing it could do with is some enemies like maybe little sea beasties can show up and if you crash into them you have to start the level again or something, but this game is real fun

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ya man I hate the window size but because it's running off a text prompt that's the biggest I can get it. Now that the jam has been extended 2 weeks I will try and add in a bunch of stuff like a mini-story that will be in the game and stuff like that, thanks for playing and for the suggestion on how to improve my game :D

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I included a manual that has controls and the such and also the orange mounds are supposed to be boulders. There are also instructions on the game's main page, I couldn't include it on the game jam page though. I have updated the manual that should be in the folder you downloaded that includes what all of the tiles in the world are

Yo thanks man this is real helpful 

Hello, I am interested in this game jam, I think it will be real fun to make a game in the style of a nokia 3310. I have a question about the restrictions on game controls. Will we have to emulate the controls of a Nokia 3310 or can we use controls as liberally as we want?

na man it is cool, I think it is alright in its current state. The only thing I'd think to change is making the player a bit faster and making the screen bigger, but I guess that's not really possible in this jam ahaahha

Yo dude this game is really cool I like the tiles that you've used it reminds me of Zelda or something and I really like the sprites you've used for the ghouls and the flying skull spirits

Yo yo yo I really like the art and palette you used for this dude it looks real pleasant

Ya man it's my first jam too I'm looking forward to finishing my game dude I hope yours goes well

Nice nice nice thanks 

The game I am working on for this jam is an ASCII based roguelike, and due to the window size, I will have almost no room for text at all, so it is allowed for the game's instructions and controls etc to be in an external text file?

This game is pretty fun, I think I'd prefer it if it used Arrows to use and then WASD to shoot or something like that so you can shoot in multiple directions, but this is pretty good