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thank you so much! Thats really nice to hear! Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you SO much for the feedback and playing our game on stream!! it was so fun to see you guys play it (and get some pretty good scores)!
We will keep this feedback in mind for if we ever make a full version of the game!!
Thank you so much again!!
(PS Yes my real name is Tim Buhrs and yes i have heard it all before HAHA)

Thank you!! that means a lot! :D

Thank you so much!!

thank you SO much for the gameplay!!! it was amazing seeing your reaction!!

Thank you so much for the gameplay video!! did you enjoy it?😊

Thanks!! we're really happy with how the final product turned out!! :D

Thank you! that means a lot!
and yeah it is my first time coding a game and i had really hard time with the fishing mechanic, but i am happy we atleast ended up with a playable result! :)

Thanks! yeah we worked really hard on the art for this game! :D

Thank you so much!! very happy to hear that!!

Thank you so much!!! 

Had SUCH a fun time with this and even managed to complete all the levels!! (god those last two were challenging!!) SOO fun! great job!

Had SUCH a fun time with this!! god i wouldnt survive one minute in a real plane, but i did manage to survive two in this game!! really fun! great job!

Such a fun concept!! had a total of 32 months of power... but i still want more! this game is getting me powerhungry!! great job!!

THIS IS SO CUTE!!! I felt a close connection to Steven the Rock and had a lot of fun playing with him!
Incredible concept, REALLY cute and just such a fun concept!! great job!

Love the concept! the controller feels really nice, if you would add some buildings you could destroy and maybe some ragdoll characters then the game would really feel great!

Very cute!! you guys really nailed the voxel art!!! very clean looking and especially the animations felt real;y nice!

Very detailed and interesting!!! A very odd but cool vibe!! great job!

WOW!!! You managed to make such an incredibly polished and well designed puzzle game in such a short time!! simply incredible! this could work so well as a mobile game! A cool addition would be some more possible shapes to make constilations out off, we would totally buy a full version of this!! great job!!

Absolutely adorable!! made us very hoppy 

WOW, incredible work!! really calming and zen and just felt like such an accurate and detailed simulation of the real thing!! fantastic work!! 

AMAZING GAME!!! Incredibly fun concept and really cool to play!! with a few tweaks in the audio and gameplay (mainly rotationspeed) this could easily be a REALLY fun game on Steam!!! great job!

LOVE the game!! didn't get any matches tho :'((

Love the graphics and everything felt so smooth to control!! we did have a bit of trouble finding the objective, but everything else felt fantastic!

Thank you so much!! thats so nice to hear!