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Did my basil plant grow into a haunch of meat?!? SIGN ME UP

I like the frantic feel of this a lot! Maybe open up the earlier parts of the level so at first there's a little stress, then increase the planet density randomly for high stress moments!

I couldn't quite get the hang of the mechanic. Maybe slow down the rate of fire and accuracy of the first enemies so the player can ease into it. Neat idea!

Cool mechanic! Wow does the difficulty ever ramp up quickly! I found in level 3 I could skip using the boxes entirely and just take a break from carrying for a moment after making the first drop. Didn't get far into level 4 before I felt like tearing my hair out! In a good way though! Might be cool to add (if you haven't already) some kind of in-air collectible that recharges your strength. Would make for some crazy levels.

Nice work! I flew off the map a few times while collecting dust. Maybe slow down the movement, increase the mass of the player, or add some invisible walls. I had to restart that level three times from bouncing off the bridge! lol

I like how "floaty" the controls of the ship feel!

I had a tough time understanding the relationships between placing trees/waters/houses and then clicking them to generate more resources. Then the game would seem to just end. I think some kind of loading bar that fills up as you approach extinction, and reduces as you get things under control, would add a lot!

Silly and fun! I love the sounds - did you record them yourself? I think having other walls open up would be a nice addition (like someone else said) but also having the grims come from different directions would add to the chaos!

Love the music and art style. Agree with what others have mentioned about difficulty and input confusion. I spent a while thinking that if I held left-click that'd increase the power of the throw. Also tried jumping then throwing in mid-air, which worked sometimes but I don't think was intended.

It randomly drops as collectible loot from defeated enemies

Thanks! I felt like I needed another tutorial level for the orb beam mechanic, but time got away from me. I really should've made the up arrow key jump as well - I only tested using A and D for movement so spacebar always felt ok. Thanks again for the feedback.

Thanks! I really like the idea of having the power of the beam gradually increase :)

I like how snappy it feels. Some pipe games make you wait just too long to see the effect of your placement, but this is so instant that I know right away if I messed up. It'd be cool if there was a slight pause though at the end of the level, once the solution has been found. I would like to relish in victory :) Discovering click-and-drag to draw long pipes gave me life...

Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree about the slippery feel. I wanted to give the low-gravity impression while relying on the physics engine for movement, but in the end that often makes 2D platforming feel awful. There's a lot of moments where you feel out of control. Definitely something to tweak...

Stuck on 4 flags. Played 4 times. Love it. I agree with some of the other feedback about having sound or visual effects when a tool is used correctly - it'd make it feel that much more rewarding to have figured something out.

Single player: quite difficult right away - but the desperation taught me that there's a double-jump! I feel like this would be a great couch co-op platformer.

I really liked the simplicity in the controls. I played I think 8 levels (hard to tell) but only a couple were confusing. Eventually I learned to pay attention to the states of the faces as well as the level name, and that made things click. I really enjoyed playing this!

I didn't seem to be able to move pieces once connected - if that's intended, that certainly adds tension to each decision!

Thank you for taking the time to play and write this comment! Yeah - I didn't really have time to finalize the objective stuff. The idea was to make it less about dollars and more about quantity of each color harvested. So for example a level may require 12 Blue and 8 Orange and 5 Yellow to pass. Just never quite got there. The closest I got was the score screen at the end, but that was focused heavily on dollars because I ran out of time.