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There are so many guitars out there to choose from I am curious why people play the one that they do. Is a comfort, is it the sound,? You might have multiple Guitars but there's probably one that you would consider your main guitar what - makes it your main guitar?

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I've discussed this recently in some other threads (as I'm sure others have), but seeing as 'Five Years' was released in September of 2015, and 'Where Can I Be Now' was released in September of this year, it seems the next big Bowie box set would be released in September of 2017.

One would imagine that it would include the Berlin Trilogy, but will it be focused on just those 3 albums? Or will it include Scary Monsters as well? Could it go even further, considering that the first two box sets both contain 12 CDs/13 LPs.

I'd personally like to keep it to just the Berlin Trilogy, and perhaps Scary Monsters (since it's closer stylistically than it is to its successors), but it seems they wouldn't be able to get to that 12CD/13LP mark...Although I'd imagine that's not too important, unless the powers that be have OCD. Hear Me Now Ringtone free

What would be included if this were the case? There are the two mixes of 'Stage', as well as 'Re:Call 3'. Is there any other live material from this time period that could be included? And how about a name for the set? 'Sound and Vision', 'Art Decade', and 'Fantastic Voyage' could all work.

Any thoughts?

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I'm curious what others' feelings are on this game. I haven't played the first one and thought I'd pick this one up. To be very honest, I'm kind of bored. I am a little over 2 hours in and I can't seem to find the satisfactory in this game. Maybe I haven't given it enough time. The hacking is cool, but almost seems bland and not needed a lot of the time; I feel I can just silently take enemies down and work my way towards the objective. I also think I'm confused how this game plays. Is it a stealth game? I find the experience bland so far and somewhat.... boring. There is no strategy, tactics or skill needed; just run through the level and reach the objective. Does anyone else feel this way? Is it just me and I need to spend more time on it, figuring out how this game plays? Let me know your thoughts on the game. I'm very curious, because there is something in me that wants to find the enjoyment in the game.

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Also, it feels almost like a less combat heavy GTA to me. Ehh, idk what to think. Fill me in on your thoughts, please.

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I'm a VERY big fan of the Brit singer...Adele.

Her new album, "25" is set to be released on Nov 20th. The new single from that album "Hello" is already climbing the charts worldwide. ( justifiably, IMHO)

Adele seems to believe ( possibly rightly so) that her new album will have a hard time eclipsing her prior album..."21".

I am very much looking forward to this highly talented artists newest album.

As to the SQ, well the last two have been nothing to shout home about ( unfortunately[IMG]).. the problem, which I am really hoping may be getting addressed . Download Low Florida Feat ringtone

in her new album, is that Adele likes to "swallow" the mike. Which is IMHO a leading cause of the SQ issues. However even if the SQ isn't up to say..

Lynn Stanley, the voice and music will more than make up for that.

Anyone else as happy as I am that Adele is back ( and hopefully in full force)

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What are some of your biggest "what if's" in music?

For example, for me, "what if" Bonham didn't die? Would Zeppelin have continued into the '80s? What would '80s Zeppelin sound like? How different might '80s rock have been with them still active? Smurfs Lalala Ringtone

Another would be: "What if" John and Paul went down to SNL's studio that night around 1975?

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