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James Mutton

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Pass the whiskey

New update live, added balancing to game generation and AI changes as well as a guide to Hexpless pdf document.

Get it here:


I've started working on a project i hope to release by the end of the year. Its called Hexpless a strategy game similar to chess but instead involves a supply line system where most units cant move.

The main goal is simple, make sure all enemies have no kings. to achieve this a player must claim tiles to eventually claim the enemy king.

To claim a tile the player must select a tile that they own and then claim a tile from the available pieces,

When a tile claims another tile it starts to "Supply" that tile and if any Supplying tiles are lost the tile(s) that they supply are lost also.

It is a early prototype so things are subject to change


Got a prototype done

I have an image here the goal is to take the art (currently displayed as the white squares with gold outlines) and return back to the start of the mansion. I have the basic top down shooter controls with weapons being able to be thrown. And when a guard sees you time stops and only starts when you do something (shoot, walk, etc). I did the time thing to try and mimic how turns worked in the original rouge.

Started about and hour ago, Got the basic controls and mechanics in. Thinking of setting the player as a burglar of some sort.

Heya, I'm interested in entering, is game maker okay to use. Seeing as GM:Studio does have a free version which i use. In any case I'll definitely be at least submitting some art to the jam.