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$612 (Great Game!)

/!\ Notice /!\

This still has bugs and glitches. It is in development right now.

Get on the lift to explore multiple maps, swim in the water, and escape! (Right now this has only two maps though)

Press buttons to open doors!

Can you escape before you lose all of your air or exceed max time? Go here to play!

Have fun escaping!

Some screenshots

This is my first game that I made.

It's like a platformer, but with some differences:

  • There is a flood.
  • Wall jumping.

But... It isn't noticed. please test this and give feedback.

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Flood Escape 2 is my first game.

It was made with scratch and then converted into a SWF file.

Screenshots (NOTICE: These are old ones. I will update it soon.

It can be found here ( or here (scratch).

The latest update had a lot of things changed! (It is beta now)

  • > 2 new maps, Lava Tower and Axiom!
  • > Better swimming!
  • > Background added!
  • > You can go to the previous area! (In case you don't know, you weren't able to go to the previous area in the past.)
  • > The flood can fill the full screen now!

  • (The lists weren't working on my computer ): )


    Woah, It's hard! I got 8.